Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One fine morning all on a sudden RamDas became a very very important person in the family.His status rose high, and reached a level like a hydrogen balloon. He couldn't believe it. S0 also his wife Yamuna.Anyway he was very happy.So far he was discarded by his own kith and kin .Each and every one in his family used every opertunity to snub him and to discriminate him.Yamuna stepped into the family, with full of hopes, and dreams like any other girls, was always in tears.The only crime he did was, he participated in the freedom movement and fought against injustice and cruelty don towards the poor and illiterate people instead of job hunting.So he was without a job and naturally without money.Now after a long time he got acceptance by the near and dear ones and the circle around them.He was overwhelmed with joy and told his wife ''Now they have to agree that I'am in the right path''.
Leaving everything on his shoulders they all left as they had very very important commitments in conection with their jobs  children's schooling like that. Without a word she turned to the other side and reminded him of releasing her gold from the pawnshop, and buying new clothes for the children for the marriage.Mother elder sister elder brother father all of them were after him. '' Dasoo....'' a melodious call from his eldest sister who was old enough to be his mother '' there is only two more weeks for the marriage....you have to start inviting the old relatives in person by tomorrow itself...''
''...Ramuuu...'' another sweet voice from mother '' when are you.....
going to guruvayur to arrange the rooms....hall.....and everything for the stay there ''  '' elder brother...in his soft and husky voice '' you give him peace of mind.He is capable of handling the whole affair by he himself.He has many many reliable friends every where '' Butter won't melt in his mouth. He was running after all these 24 hours.Now and then, Yamuna reminded him of the gift they have to give the bride, releasing the gold from the pawnshop, and buying clothes for the children and her.In between when he gets a little time, he ran after the financiers to borrow money for all these,.But nobody was willimg to lend him money.They wanted solid security or surety .At last Yamuna without his knowledge met one of her distant cousins who was very rich.He gave her the money and reminded her to keep punctuality.He did'nt even offer her a seat. She felt that the money is burning in her hand.She felt like throwing it at his face but she was helpless.With the money she bought a set of gold bangle to give the bride. There is only two more days for the marriage .Somehow he bought dresses for the children and a saree for Yamuna and said ''for me what I have is enough .Only thing is must get it iorned properly.I have to run errands''.Then she reminded him of the gift ''that we shall give her a very nice gift when she visits us after the marriage.Before or after....it makes no difference...We have to give ....that we will give....that is all''.Then she showed him the bangles. He did'nt utter a word.After some time he said
''Ah...anyway pack everything the dresses and all....we are going home tomorrow morning and wll be starting from there on the day after tomorrow early morning....We will reach there by twelve'oclock.Have lunch ,
rest a while and go to the temple.The function is by nine thirty next morning, and then lunch, starting back..reach here by seven...seven thirty.
Most of the relatives will be going only the next morning.We shall be back the next day.They together packed the dresses for three ..four days
and by the time they lock the doors...the car came from home to take them.Happily the children Yamuna and Ramdass went home.Everybody was waiting for them to start dinner.After dinner, all gathered in the hall, and started discussing the journey.....the stay at Guruvayur...and returning journey..and all.Then mother in her sweet voice said ''If everybody goes
who is here ?...Who is going to stay back?..Somebody must stay back...
our relatives......old people like Pappu ammavan  and all may come .Above all, everybody knows that we are all going''....Then father said '' Ramu must stay back...look after the house and make arrangements for the party..''Then he stammered in bewilderment ''Yes I will stay back...for me,  Yamuna and children will come''. Then the mother said ''Yamuna also must stay with you .If anybody comes, will you be able to give them food in time?''Yamuna slowly disappeared from the scene .Ramdass noticed it,
but couldn't move.In the late hours of night, he went to her bed with a heavy heart, and just to pacify, held her in his arms...then she moved
to the other end of the bed and turned to the opposit side and sobbed.

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