Saturday, February 28, 2015

'' Fond memories of my childhood '' [ 30 ]

’ Fond memories of my childhood ‘’ [ 30 ]
During the xm’s vacation my uncle sent me to my mum .Four of my cousins also accompanied me. My eldest cousin was a fourteen year old then  
and he was the leader of the team Uncle made all arrangements for our journey. We started from Trivandrum on a fine morning  and reached Kulathoopuzha by three or three-thirty. We enjoyed the journey through the
thick forest area with hairpin curves….jumping and shaking…My cousins were experiencing such a journey for the first time.When we reached Kulathoopuzha the climate was so bad ,a heavy rainwas …pouring . .When we reached the bus stand  an old man with three..four umbrellas was waiting for us.
He told us that there was  no bus service to Bharatheepuram that day because of the down pore and th  some hindrances on the road …erosion of the sand, wild trees fell on the road and so on.He took us to his quarters.It was just behind the Anchel office ,a small building  with two rooms a verandha and a kitchen.His wife two small kids and  his mother in law were there. We altogether were five in number and there was no space for us even to move about.They were very kind and loving .they squeezed themselves into one room and gave us the other room.By evening when the office hours were over the Anchel master with the help of the peons moved the table and chairs of the main office room to a corner and gave us the room. At night his mother in law came to the office to give us  company  and slept with us .Even then when we heard the sound of howling ,  hooting ,and roaring of the wild animals we got scared…The next day
morning befo re the office started we were again shifted to the quarters .By noon the rain stopped and buses started services. The old man took us to the bus stand
and made us sit comfortably and waited there until the bus began its journey. We reached home  towards sunset…a two days joney from Trivandrum to Bharatheepuram…..anyhow we enjoyed it.


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

''Fond memories of my childhood '' [ 29 ]

‘’Fond memories of my childhood ‘’ [29]
This numbness of the atmosphere continued for quite some time. By the time, my brothers became energetic and a number of youngsters gathered around them to help and to take advantage of the situation. Elder brother took over the estate affairs, but he was interested only in the income. He with his friends enjoyed the freedom.He went out whenever he felt like going out and came back very late. Second brother was timid to present his opinion before the eldest one, My third brother was too small, he had to obey his elders orders. Thus everything went into a mess. Mum was too soft to control them. In the estate area, there were no schools, so my brother joined a school at the nearby town,
Some ten kilometers away and he used to go by bus., it was difficult
for me to go ,  because there were only two or three bus services and were fully packed. One of my aunties in Trivandrum took me with her .My cousin
and I joined a school there, a little far away and we walked to the school .. Including me  there were ten children,The eldest two were in collage
and  the youngest in nursery and all others were in between. My uncle was very strict like a boarding school master.
He always kept an eye on the children, and we had to move according to the time table dictated by him. I was thrown into a different world. So far I was a free bird and now  I felt  like shut up in a cage.  I tried to adjust to the
new circumstances. Every night when the lights were off I was with my mum..
clinging to her chest….feeling  the beating of  her depressed heart. One day a new class teacher arrived and she made all students stand up one by one and
tell the name of father and what he was. When my turn came I held my face in both hands and wept bitterly. Then I felt the loss deeply ,that everybody had father
and I didn’t have. Slowly a feeling of isolation crept in my mind. The teacher came to me and asked ?’’ why /what happened…?why are you sobbing like this?’’ I couldn’t utter a word. Then my cousin was called ,and then she said that my dad passed away recently. From that moment onwards   I felt the loss
at the heart of my  hearts.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

'' Fond memories of my child hood '' [28 ]

‘’ Fond memories of my child hood ‘’ [ 28 ]
Once in away my dad used to go into the dense forest with a few of his selective  friends for hunting. Pottanammachen was the one who made all the arrangements like food drinking water,head light,sweter muffler boots  and all
And he also accompanied them. They used to go for hunting by evening and came back by next morning with the shot dead animals like big jungle squirrels, or deer or sheep and all.Then Pottanammachen and sreedharan start   dressing ,cleaning ,and cutting them up and cooking .By evening dad’s friends with whom he went for hunting used to gather in our house  to enjoy a dinner with white kerosin [for liquor Pottanammachen used to tell us that it is white kerosin  .During the war time  the kerosin that we get was not clear,had a slite reddish colour.]As life was going on ike this the x’mas vacation came to an end and we proceeded to Nangiarkulangara.
One of my aunties in Cochin started a fever and it prolonged  more than a month.In the end Doctors diagnosed that she had TB and advised her to go to Madras to get proper treatment. After a course of treatment she was advised to go to Nagarcoil TB centre for further care and medication. Uncle took her with  her younger sister to Nagarcoil took a small house on rent near the TB hospital and continued the treatment.My mother and her sisters were so attached and my mom went to Nagarcoil for afew days to give them a help.
Dad came away to the estate leaving mum there.
By the time our school closed for the mid summer vacation and my sister
Brother and myself came to Bharatheepuram. We reached home by the late evening and saw dad laying down  fully covered with a blanket and shivering.
He was running a very high temperature and Pttanammachen had gone to Punaloore to get medicine for him. Through out the night my sister and
Pottanammachen were nursing him ,but his illness became worse. Early morning Pottanammachen hired a car and with the help of Sreedharan ,
driver and my sister ,somehow shifted him to the car and drove on.My youngest sister ,brother,and myself were so worried and were waiting for them.Towards the evening  some how the news reached home that
Dad passed away.Within seconds the house and the courtyard was crowded
With people crying and howling and I joined them,but that moment I was totaly ignorant , the depth of the loss.By midnight somebody brought my mom  without
revealing the sad news to her.At the first sight she fainted ,and the people around carried her to her room.The funeral was on the next day in presence of
a big crowed.He was cremated at a distance but we could see the flame and smoke from home.For a few days  the house and surroundings were full of
people , relatives and friends coming and going like a stream.There was a big function on the sixteenth day of  demise.A big pandal were erected in t he
 courtyard and there were a feast ,After that the crowd were dispersed,then we, my mom my sisters brothers and me were left alone, we could very well feel the depth of our loss….a house …without a master …no one to take a decision….no one to direct us…no one to care for us….no one to manage the estate.