Wednesday, February 18, 2015

''Fond memories of my childhood '' [ 29 ]

‘’Fond memories of my childhood ‘’ [29]
This numbness of the atmosphere continued for quite some time. By the time, my brothers became energetic and a number of youngsters gathered around them to help and to take advantage of the situation. Elder brother took over the estate affairs, but he was interested only in the income. He with his friends enjoyed the freedom.He went out whenever he felt like going out and came back very late. Second brother was timid to present his opinion before the eldest one, My third brother was too small, he had to obey his elders orders. Thus everything went into a mess. Mum was too soft to control them. In the estate area, there were no schools, so my brother joined a school at the nearby town,
Some ten kilometers away and he used to go by bus., it was difficult
for me to go ,  because there were only two or three bus services and were fully packed. One of my aunties in Trivandrum took me with her .My cousin
and I joined a school there, a little far away and we walked to the school .. Including me  there were ten children,The eldest two were in collage
and  the youngest in nursery and all others were in between. My uncle was very strict like a boarding school master.
He always kept an eye on the children, and we had to move according to the time table dictated by him. I was thrown into a different world. So far I was a free bird and now  I felt  like shut up in a cage.  I tried to adjust to the
new circumstances. Every night when the lights were off I was with my mum..
clinging to her chest….feeling  the beating of  her depressed heart. One day a new class teacher arrived and she made all students stand up one by one and
tell the name of father and what he was. When my turn came I held my face in both hands and wept bitterly. Then I felt the loss deeply ,that everybody had father
and I didn’t have. Slowly a feeling of isolation crept in my mind. The teacher came to me and asked ?’’ why /what happened…?why are you sobbing like this?’’ I couldn’t utter a word. Then my cousin was called ,and then she said that my dad passed away recently. From that moment onwards   I felt the loss
at the heart of my  hearts.

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