Saturday, February 28, 2015

'' Fond memories of my childhood '' [ 30 ]

’ Fond memories of my childhood ‘’ [ 30 ]
During the xm’s vacation my uncle sent me to my mum .Four of my cousins also accompanied me. My eldest cousin was a fourteen year old then  
and he was the leader of the team Uncle made all arrangements for our journey. We started from Trivandrum on a fine morning  and reached Kulathoopuzha by three or three-thirty. We enjoyed the journey through the
thick forest area with hairpin curves….jumping and shaking…My cousins were experiencing such a journey for the first time.When we reached Kulathoopuzha the climate was so bad ,a heavy rainwas …pouring . .When we reached the bus stand  an old man with three..four umbrellas was waiting for us.
He told us that there was  no bus service to Bharatheepuram that day because of the down pore and th  some hindrances on the road …erosion of the sand, wild trees fell on the road and so on.He took us to his quarters.It was just behind the Anchel office ,a small building  with two rooms a verandha and a kitchen.His wife two small kids and  his mother in law were there. We altogether were five in number and there was no space for us even to move about.They were very kind and loving .they squeezed themselves into one room and gave us the other room.By evening when the office hours were over the Anchel master with the help of the peons moved the table and chairs of the main office room to a corner and gave us the room. At night his mother in law came to the office to give us  company  and slept with us .Even then when we heard the sound of howling ,  hooting ,and roaring of the wild animals we got scared…The next day
morning befo re the office started we were again shifted to the quarters .By noon the rain stopped and buses started services. The old man took us to the bus stand
and made us sit comfortably and waited there until the bus began its journey. We reached home  towards sunset…a two days joney from Trivandrum to Bharatheepuram…..anyhow we enjoyed it.


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