Friday, March 20, 2015

'' Fond memories of my childhood '' [ 33 ]

‘’’ Fond memories of my childhood ‘’[33 ]
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At last my exam was over, and on the same day, my distant uncle, came to take me, to Quilon----to my mum.I reached home ,arter the exam by 12’O clock; packed my things ,
Quickly;and had lunch;and started for Quilon.First  he took me to a lodge and asked me, to wait there for ten Minutes;and he went out.While I was  anxiously,
waiting for him, he came with his dad  ,who had come, to Trivandrum to see an advocate.Immediately, we started our journey, in a car,older than my uncle’s
dad, and it ran with a jerk, making a rattling sound.I enjoyed the jerk, and the
rattling sound; might be,because I was in a jovial mood;that I was going to join my mother and younger sister.Towards 8’o clock we reached Quilon.My mum , and sister were waiting, for us. Though the house was very big ;with three inner courtyards;ten bed rooms; vast halls; verandas ;and all the rooms were closed--.There was -pin drop silence---completely dark —I couldn't  see the surroundings.Even then, I enjoyed the feeling, of security;love and care.
For dinner, we had porridge, with some Curry.Our maid servant was, very tall,very fair,wearing  very big earrings;had protruded teeth;chewing pan always ,dripping saliva on either sides of her mouth;lame and she stammered.She stared at me, for a few minutes, and passed a comment.’’ma—ma—madam your girl is a na-na—nice child. ‘’ After some time, an other lady came there, to keep us company for the night, In the morning, her mother, a very very old lady, came there to sweep and, ,wash clothes,. Her grand daughter,  came
for cooking and to keep company  for us. Thus after a year, of separation we began a new life, of our own.Here ends, my childhood.I’am no longer a child.

Friday, March 13, 2015

'' Fond memories of my childhood '' [ 32 ]

‘’ Fond memories of my childhood ‘’ [32 ]
While I was in Trivandrum, waiting for the exam ,one day I overheard  aunty and uncle talking about my mum. From their talk, I understood that mum was going to shift from Bharatheepuram to our family house at Quilon.After my only uncle’s death the house was locked-up.Nobody was there. to stay ..One of my distant uncles [mum’s cousin]was looking after the cocanut plantation and the house.Mum had to go there because it was time to put my younger sister in school, and more over
It was very hard to stay in the estate house, where no body,  was there to see to the household affairs.
I was feeling   sorry, felt heaviness at my heart….every nook and corner of the house  , the  surroundings , and the scenery , humming and twittering of the birds nesting in the bushes of the
trees in the back yard , the gurgling sound of the  stream running down  the boundary of our compound, the blue mountains fading out in the sky, and the vast paddy fields with rolling waves
were  carved in my memory, and I was a part of it. These remembrances made me nostalgic.
Every night, when the lights were off and every body  fell asleep, I was at Bharatheepuram
In my house, in these  with my birds , and then I even felt the presence of my dad
who, was  no more

Friday, March 6, 2015

''Fond memories of my childhood '' [ 31 ]

‘’’Fond memories of my childhoodhood ‘’ [ 31 ]
After a few days of my enjoyment with my mum ,younger sister,cousins,our maid servant Rosa, and even with our dogs ,cats and the birds, all around  us . I had to go to Trivandrum to continue my studies. My only consolation was after a month or one and a half months  the annual exam
Would be over and I could be back to my own world. Our return trip was from home to Punalur by bus and from there to Trivandrum by train.Though my cousins were with me,and they enjoyed the journey,I couldn’t.I saw the sights on either side, passing by,through a transparent veil of tears,and my mind was with my mum. Her lost look followed me like a shadow. Her sad looks forced 
me to think about   the old days.How happy we were, when dad was alive.
How lively was my home,always ,,mum busy cooking special dishes for dad and his friends and relatives.The courtyard was always full of labourers doing this  and that thing,each corner of the yard had heap of cashew nuts,arecanut,pepper,people kept coming  to buy these things.Now it is really
a no man's land, no heap of cashew,no heap of ,areca nut or pepper,so nobody needed to come .
Everywhere  dad’s absence was felt,everything was coming to a mess.Pottanammachen left,Sreedharan our cook left,Totally a different world.