Friday, March 13, 2015

'' Fond memories of my childhood '' [ 32 ]

‘’ Fond memories of my childhood ‘’ [32 ]
While I was in Trivandrum, waiting for the exam ,one day I overheard  aunty and uncle talking about my mum. From their talk, I understood that mum was going to shift from Bharatheepuram to our family house at Quilon.After my only uncle’s death the house was locked-up.Nobody was there. to stay ..One of my distant uncles [mum’s cousin]was looking after the cocanut plantation and the house.Mum had to go there because it was time to put my younger sister in school, and more over
It was very hard to stay in the estate house, where no body,  was there to see to the household affairs.
I was feeling   sorry, felt heaviness at my heart….every nook and corner of the house  , the  surroundings , and the scenery , humming and twittering of the birds nesting in the bushes of the
trees in the back yard , the gurgling sound of the  stream running down  the boundary of our compound, the blue mountains fading out in the sky, and the vast paddy fields with rolling waves
were  carved in my memory, and I was a part of it. These remembrances made me nostalgic.
Every night, when the lights were off and every body  fell asleep, I was at Bharatheepuram
In my house, in these  with my birds , and then I even felt the presence of my dad
who, was  no more

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