Friday, March 20, 2015

'' Fond memories of my childhood '' [ 33 ]

‘’’ Fond memories of my childhood ‘’[33 ]
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At last my exam was over, and on the same day, my distant uncle, came to take me, to Quilon----to my mum.I reached home ,arter the exam by 12’O clock; packed my things ,
Quickly;and had lunch;and started for Quilon.First  he took me to a lodge and asked me, to wait there for ten Minutes;and he went out.While I was  anxiously,
waiting for him, he came with his dad  ,who had come, to Trivandrum to see an advocate.Immediately, we started our journey, in a car,older than my uncle’s
dad, and it ran with a jerk, making a rattling sound.I enjoyed the jerk, and the
rattling sound; might be,because I was in a jovial mood;that I was going to join my mother and younger sister.Towards 8’o clock we reached Quilon.My mum , and sister were waiting, for us. Though the house was very big ;with three inner courtyards;ten bed rooms; vast halls; verandas ;and all the rooms were closed--.There was -pin drop silence---completely dark —I couldn't  see the surroundings.Even then, I enjoyed the feeling, of security;love and care.
For dinner, we had porridge, with some Curry.Our maid servant was, very tall,very fair,wearing  very big earrings;had protruded teeth;chewing pan always ,dripping saliva on either sides of her mouth;lame and she stammered.She stared at me, for a few minutes, and passed a comment.’’ma—ma—madam your girl is a na-na—nice child. ‘’ After some time, an other lady came there, to keep us company for the night, In the morning, her mother, a very very old lady, came there to sweep and, ,wash clothes,. Her grand daughter,  came
for cooking and to keep company  for us. Thus after a year, of separation we began a new life, of our own.Here ends, my childhood.I’am no longer a child.

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