Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Experiences 2

Experiences 2
I saw the photographs of our house and premises and read Balu’s and Remesh’s memories in connection with the house.So also in my memory the house  is still live with sweet as well as bitter experiences.Happy moments are momentary and painful moments are ever lasting.As Balu remembers I too remember, my father in law who was  a very respectable person,the first FR CS in the state and head of the department of Medicine.As Balu remembers, in the evenings, he put a chair, outside  the portico[in the yard]and sat Reading.

Next to him Balu sat, in a chair with a book .I used to go there, every evening with my two girls of three and four years.When we enter the compound ,when they see their grandpa, my children, like frightened kittens, clung to my hand.He never lifted his face ,nor asked them anything, because their father, his son was a politician .In stead of job hunting, he joined the freedom movement, and fought for the poor .At the same time, my brother in law ,Balu’s father was well placed and financially in a high position., .We used to go, to the backside of the house, where my mother in law was. She was very loving and affectionate towards us. We, my mother in law ,sisters in law and me together had many ,many happy moments of joy.So my feelings towards the house is a mixture of joys and pains.

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  1. house is a mixture of joys and pains>>>>>>> Life is a mixture of joys and pains too!!