Friday, October 30, 2015

In between the hell and heaven.

While Lissy was in the kitchen cooking supper Alby rushed in like a tempest and stumping on the floor and pointing towards her , yelled out ‘’Now…this moment  I must know whether you will give me the money for my visa ,this is a golden chance ….you mind, chances never come often…if I don’t give him the money tomorrow or the day after ,he said he will give it to someone else .A hundred and one boys are there ready to buy the visa.’’ At this moment John the marriage broker   came in , with a smile on his face thinking ‘Any way I  have come at the right time’. He asked ‘’Why …? What is the matter? Tell me , sister,  why he is making you stand on the pinpoint .’’  Sarcastically she said ‘’ he wants , twenty thousand Rs immediately. I asked him five minutes just to dig out the pot and count the money.’’ John laughed loudly  and called Alby…’’Alby son come out…..I have a gold fish in my net for you ….a gold fish, a nurse from Australia…has come down for a short leave. She wants to marry a boy with valid passport and a work experience certificate .The first face came to my mind, was your’s,..In every respect she suits you   ,like made for each other ‘’ Alby became happy, Lissy  became happy ,John became the happiest.
With  in a week’s time the marriage and everything in connection with the   mariage , was over and both of them with her dad, flew to Australia. For a few days she entered the kitchen in the morning and made him to assist her. Slowly she withdrew,   putting   everything on his shoulders There he saw heaven and hell  at the same  time. Early  morning  by 5’O clock he has to get up, cook brake fast and lunch simultaneous ,Then washing vessels moping floor looking after the old man everything he has to do .Old man needs help to go to the toilet, to take bath ,even to move around.
Once in   a  way she used to  take him for an outing. Then she allowed him to drive the car dress
 neatly and walk with her, side by side ,holding hands; as her husband .,She with her friends and colleagues; often take  him out for sightseeing  and then they stayed out in resorts for weekends ,then poor Alby  has to witness many  scenes of petting , papering and love making.
Alby didn’t know what to do . He is trapped, in between the hell and heaven .At last he decided to stick on. He sent some of the photographs to  Lissy , to make her happy. She walked around
Showing the photos , and everybody became happy , thinking that he is in the heaven.

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