Tuesday, March 1, 2016

'' helplessness ''

‘’ Helplessness ‘’
While I was going to close the office of the marriage beauro ; I saw an old man sitting in a corner, as if ,to hide himself from the sight of others. I thought he must have slept off, while waiting for his turn, to discus with me.Slowly , I went up to him ; patted at his shoulder , softly to wake him up.But he was awakened. I pulled one chair and sat nearhim, sympathetically and asked ‘’ uncle ,what brought you here? What help I can do for you ;tell me .’’ Then he caught both my hands, in his palms ,and in a broken and shivering voice , hesitantly murmured ,’’ son ;I’am alone ; my wife passed away some thirty five years back…leaving ten children; boys and girls. I myself alone looked after them ,educated the boys ,got the girls married, by the gods grace ;all are well settled in different part of the world. Nobody wants to come back. Now I ‘am alone at the age of 90+.No one to look after me. I have a small house and my pension. That is enough. But  I want somebody  to look after  me , nurse me .For which , I think  I will marry somebody legally , so that the house and my pension and whatever I have she will be the heir; she will get it.’’ I felt pitty ,but from where I will find out a lady , to marry this ninety year old man ? Anyway I couldn’t  disappoint him. So I told   ‘’ some how
I will find out a suitable women over 70 healthy enough to look after ,you and let you know ‘’Then his face brightened up with hopes and thanked me and went
Away , limping. That night I couldn’t sleep at all. His helplessness ,the broken voice ,and the pathetic look , disturbed me throughout.

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