Tuesday, February 7, 2017


‘’ love dale ‘’

From the distance Ammu kutti could see the name board of the elder’s home , written in a big black board , fixed  on one of the pillars of the gate  , to the other pillar , in golden  letters ‘’ LOVE DALE ‘’.Ammukutti is very practical and see every thing  in a jovial way , but seeing this board

In her heart of hearts  , spread a smile out of pain. Though the name of the place is love dale , every body reach here, when love , affection , and care of our kith and kin ends , …..when we become useless …..a burden ….

and  hindrance to others , a place for them to shelter.

When she sent the children to the expensive public schools ,far away from home ,
She had to sell, a  big portion of the property part  by  part ,  to meet  the
expenses of their education.Then ,Thevan and Chirutheyi ,looked at her eyes,
pathetically  ,she said ,’’ Let the children ,finish their studies ,and get into  good jobs ,and stand on their own foot , we shall regain the properties we lost for them. ‘’ When they reach higher position, She was planning  to renovate the dilapidated house  into a very modern one and to regain the old prosperity ,fame and tradition of the family.
One day , when they reached a very good position , both of them , came flying with their better halves , they themselves,  chose from the city . Their better halves  couldn’t  adjust  in this remote village ,where there is no five star hotels
And no place to conduct  a D J party,and the youngsters are not well educated or
Cultured and ignorant  of the modern trends. With in a couple of days ,they got fed up ,and they left telling Ammu kutti ,that she had to stop living here alone.
Then she asked with much agony ‘’ How can I stop living here ? ‘’
‘’ come with us ‘’ ‘’ Then who will look after the house and property…..my cows and all..’’ ‘’ we  shall engage, someone to look after the house, or we will sell it out.’’
‘ How easily and quickly ,they found out a solution for the problem ‘ She felt heaviness  at her chest .She said with a shivering  voice ‘’  H ere my mom ,dad
my husband  , yes ,your dad ,are sleeping  , and the kavu [snake temple ] and the experiences  of a life time , is connected  with each and every  single grains  of sand ,…how can I leave them behind and forget them.’’ They all laughed at her loudly. Sofar she has only obeyed orders , So she kept ,quite.
After a few days , Thomas the real estate business man came there with two other people. They went around the plot , and came in .She very politely ,offered
Them ,seats and tea . Thomas told her ,that they like the property ,and he will inform ,her son Renjit ,that day itself. Ammu kutti felt  her ,hands  and legs ,numb.
So also , her mind.
She saw the arrival of Ranjit and Sindhu, blankly, and with in a couple of days reached  the place where the birds  of the same feather, caged.

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