Wednesday, March 8, 2017

reply to Mr. Pavan mehta

Reply to Mr Pawan Mehta,
Under secretary to the Government of India,
I have submitted a grievance petition in connection with the grievances of the freedom fighters of the State ,on 11th January,2017 and I received a reply from  the Under Secretary to the Government of India on 2nd March 2017 ,to make clear ,whether ,my husband  ,R.Gopinathan nair was a freedom fighter ,and to make clear, about my grievances.
Here with I’m enclosing  1.photostat copy of the  Freedom Fighters Pension order 2.coppy of pension book.
3. His request to the treasury officer to incorporate me in the p.p.o as his beneficiary in the event of his death., 4.gopinathan nair's death certificate
5.. Copy of the front page of the pension book to prove that I’m receiving the pension as his wife.
6. My grievance is ,there is vast difference       between the state pension and central pension. Freedom fight was Freedom fight, wherever it was. Like any other central pensioners , ,here also we had under gone ,miseries , starvation , and torture, physically and mentally. I’m not going deep into the matter ,because ,even if , it is equalized  ,it is not going to do any good to me , because I’m counting my days. My only request is to enhans our pension a little more , and give us dearness allowance like any other pensioners.  For us , dearness allowance was allowed, for twice and after that for other pensioners ,dearness allowance ,increased for thrice ,but we are not ,considered.
At present we are getting altogether Rs.9800/- a month. Need I say that is in sufficiant  for a human being to live on. I’m 81+ years old ,with all ailments of old age ,sever leg pain and all, I need some ones help ,to engage a home nurse ,we have to pay 10000/- at least +food and accommodation. Kindly look into the matter ,and  give me a help as early as possible.
                                                                                        Yours, faith fully ,  Gopinathshakunthala.

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