Thursday, March 10, 2016


There is a saying  ‘A sailor must have a wife at every shore’ So also  our Kunjanpillai ,The land lord ,uncrowned king ,has coconut gardens and paddy fields
At every nook and corner of the country and he has a wife at every where .
Janaky’s uncle was so happy , when he proposed to marry Janaky and he got her married to this land lord  with much enthusiasm. He took Janakyto one of his shelters and after a few days engaged a neibhouring  lady  to look after her and
 went off to visit other houses and to look after the properties. He used to come
 to  Janaky’s  house once in a way. After a year or two she gave birth to a baby, and the servant lady sent some one to inform  Kunjanpillai about the arrival of his
 son. After a few days he came to Janaky  with paddy, coconut , gingili oil and other things like banana ,and all,according  to the custom  .He sat in the armchair,at  the ‘poomukham’ and asked the lady to bring the child  ,for him to see  for the first time. When she brought the baby he looked  at the child and
asked Janaky ,very angrily ‘’ see Janaky ,you are fair ,so also me …,then why the baby is so dark?’’ Then she replied  ‘’you visited me twice a year and bring,some paddy.How can I manage the house  with it ? then  the children will be dark or fair
like this. ‘’ Then she closed the door with a bang.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

'' helplessness ''

‘’ Helplessness ‘’
While I was going to close the office of the marriage beauro ; I saw an old man sitting in a corner, as if ,to hide himself from the sight of others. I thought he must have slept off, while waiting for his turn, to discus with me.Slowly , I went up to him ; patted at his shoulder , softly to wake him up.But he was awakened. I pulled one chair and sat nearhim, sympathetically and asked ‘’ uncle ,what brought you here? What help I can do for you ;tell me .’’ Then he caught both my hands, in his palms ,and in a broken and shivering voice , hesitantly murmured ,’’ son ;I’am alone ; my wife passed away some thirty five years back…leaving ten children; boys and girls. I myself alone looked after them ,educated the boys ,got the girls married, by the gods grace ;all are well settled in different part of the world. Nobody wants to come back. Now I ‘am alone at the age of 90+.No one to look after me. I have a small house and my pension. That is enough. But  I want somebody  to look after  me , nurse me .For which , I think  I will marry somebody legally , so that the house and my pension and whatever I have she will be the heir; she will get it.’’ I felt pitty ,but from where I will find out a lady , to marry this ninety year old man ? Anyway I couldn’t  disappoint him. So I told   ‘’ some how
I will find out a suitable women over 70 healthy enough to look after ,you and let you know ‘’Then his face brightened up with hopes and thanked me and went
Away , limping. That night I couldn’t sleep at all. His helplessness ,the broken voice ,and the pathetic look , disturbed me throughout.