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'' Fond memories of my child hood ''[18 ]

‘’Fond Memories  of my childhood ‘’ [18 ]
The first house where we stayed in Perumbavur was on the side of the road which led to the school.Every evening I used to go to the gate to see the school children going back in groups making a rattling sound.Some of the girls
Waved their hands to me and I waved back. One day all the boys  collected themselves in the school compound and yelled out slogans loudly, throwing
out their fists;. Could not make out what they were telling except ‘’Mahathma Gandhi.. kee.. jay’’My elder brothers were also included among them.The head master with the help of other masters tried their level best to disperse them; but could not.They had to seek police help.This process continued for two or three
days then the school was closed.Dad was very angry with my brothers for joining the student’s group and participating in the freedom movement. He was very alert and was roaming around in a jeep with police force at the school
premises ;factory premises and where there was a gathering.I asked my sister  for what the school boys were quitting their studies ?;factory workers quitting   
 their jobs ?Then she said something about the British, ruling over India,and Mahathmaji  with his followers  fighting against them to make them  leave  from our country and all.I did not understand much but one thing I came to know
that the British rulers were exploiting us and Mahathmaji and his Indian followers were trying to save our country  from their hands.At the same time every day we
had a shocking news of the world war also.Any way the illiterate people of our country were in a jovial mood;that in every house they received a money order and a letter ,every month.In front of the ration shops and in front of the flour
mills there were big crowds ;as we see in front of the beverages retail shops
nowadays. My eldest sister was one of the victims of the world war.She
carrying  the baby;with a lost look  in her eyes moved around doing nothing.
Mummy spent her time always with her to give her a moral support.Her brother in law Krishnan Thampi chettan and his three daughters used to visit her often.All together we were 13…14 members in the family and often we had guests.So for convenience we moved to a bigger house. The new house was quite big and beautiful.That time I was hardly 5 or 6 years old.We were seeing
electric  lights for the first time.The house belonged to a British –planter
and he sold it to a local man.There was a drive way; on either side of it there were  cana and other flowering plants  full of flowers. There was an   out   house on the left side of it. There was a doom light at the central hall  and a dim green light at my sister’s room,all other lights were normal.The backyard was quite big with a lot of mango trees,
Jack trees and guava trees.Very near to our house was a doctor’s house,he too was a victim of the world war.He lost his right leg at the war field and was bed ridden.He had  five children.Though he was disabled…he was pleasant.


Monday, August 25, 2014

'' Birds of the air neither sow nor reap '' [ 2 ]

‘’ Birds of the air neither sow nor reap’’[2 ]
Paul achan hates this silence and loneliness.Through the window he could see the endless concrete buildings…looking upwards he could see a square piece of the sky blue sometimes cloudy,looking downwards he could see the different coloured vehicles;cars and lorries running in two or three rows;like ants.Nowadays when he see Geogi or his wife Soni he wanted to talk ,but words fail;he don’t know from where to begin or what to talk.At night no sleep at all.No differance between day and night.When he hears the tingling sound from the kitchen, he knows that Soni got up.Then the yelling of Geogy…he knows that he is waking up the children.After some time when he hears the
 banging of the door ,he knows all of them had gone to offices and schools.Then  slowly Paul achan used to come out of his room. Then his brake fast,..lunch…tea in a flask …every thing will be on the dining table in the same place  but he does’nt feel like eating ,no appetite….slowly ,without his knowledge his mind will go to his village.There he was somebody respected loved 
and honoured much, by the villagers.Where there was a function Paul achan was the most respected person,and his commands were carried out without any hesitation.In his village, in his thatched house was also the same.His words were the last words…that everybody obeyed. Here he is nobody …nobody knows him…..
nobody wants him ….nobody to care for him…nobody to love him..He is one among the moveable property.He pinched at his thigh…to find out wether he is alive or  not.Yes he is alive…He thought …what is the use of him ,being alive?He wanted to go back…but where to go…his house was sold and the money was shared among the three children…on condition that he should be looked after
by them equally.For four months he will be with Georgy in U.S then four months
with  his second son Boban then the remaining four moth with  his daughter Susi in Canada .Where ever he goes everywhere the same pin drop silence and solitude
followed him…to  kill him.                 One day he ran away from this silence..
and that running ended in an asylum….he could not remember how he reached there…Any way he felt homely….he could see the faces of
human  beings…hear the sound of human beings ; birds of the same feather.

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'' Fond memories of my childhood '' [ 17 ]

‘’ Fond memories of my child hood ‘’ [ 17 ]
One day Sreedharan told us  that the prices of rice,Dal,and all essentials                                                                    
were  going very high because of the scarcity of these things.War created it So the rationing system came.According to the number of the members of the family certain
amount of  food grains like rice ,Dal,wheat,Bajra,corn,etc  were permitted through ration shops. The rest we had to buy  from black market  for a higher  price, three times or four times higher
than that we got from the ration shop.Tapioca came into existence
as supplementary for rice.Flour mills came up at every nook and corner.Dad was diabetic and ate wheat in the form of dosa,porridge, and all.Beforehand Sreedharan used to grind a special type long wheat in the grinding
stone and made the dough for dosa.So also the wheat grains were ground in a
peculiar grinding stone and made small,big,and bigger broken grains.When Sreedharan
made wheat dosa for dad before ;my brother and myself used to quarrel for the remaining one or two.At the  time of the war rice and dal dosa became
rare and wheat dosa became common and then we started quarrelling for rice dosa.
Every day there would a horror news  about the war ,in the news paper .A lot of
youngsters joined military service ;at least a young man from each house.
The name of the place where we lived was ‘Aranmula’ .From  there dad got a transfer to Perumbavoor. While we were in Perumbavoor one day we  went to Vaikkom temple.We stayed there at the T.B.very near  to the temple.At noon when mum and dad were in a cat nap we children got out of the building and started  roaming around the compound.I tried to pluck a flower from
a plant;then two three ants fell on me.Some how I shook them off it down and
stamped to kill them.Then my sister told me ‘’ don’t do  that ,we have no right to kill them.Theyare also  God's creatures, that is what Mahathmaji advises us.’’
Then I asked her ‘’ who is this mahathmaji ?’’ Then she said ‘’ Mahathma Gandhi is is our Mahathma, great man,equal to god ,his message to the whole world is to
Practise non violence’’.I was hearing the name Mahathma Gandhi for the first time.Then I remembered my grandma’s words;’’ don’t kill or hurt other creatures’’.

Friday, August 22, 2014

short story'' Birds of the air neither sow nor reap ''

‘’Birds  of the air they neither sow nor reap ‘’[short story ]
As soon as the car stopped Aby jumped out of it and rushed into the house like a tempest and yelled out at his father’’ are you not feeling ashamed of… bring a prostitute in the house….in our mummy’s place…?Do you remember what all funny scenes she made here….sitting in front of our house…demanding a huge amt as compensation for her pregnancy.I remember ,after this incident
Mummy was always in tears…she never went out.If you had remembered  her a moment ,you would  not have done this.’’He was stumping on the floor,hitting on the table and shivering with anger.Old man was very cool,having his brake fast. He called ‘’ Rajamma…bring a plate for Aby.’’ Like a frightened cat
she placed the plate on the table and went in side.Aby continuede….’’In spite
of all your weakness she loved you ,..respected you for more than 60;..65..
years.Now I realise her greateness…how great she was.Old man called Rajamma   to help him  to getup..she gave him his crutches and held him and
lifted him and helped him to reach his bed. Aby followed him sadly,..he never knew that he was in such a condition.Old man said’’ I had been with you for two;…tree years and  then with your brother.In your house both of you are always on a tug of war…who is superior; your wife says she is ,because she is a doctor earning money more than    that you earns.In between your clashes you never noticed  the children going astray.By 7.30….8 everybody  will leave home keeping food for the dog in it’s kenal and for me in my room.Fed up …pa…fed one to care for….no one to share for.Once I went to the kennal and sat with ‘Kaiser’.He licked my hand…my face…put his hands on my shoulder softly…waging his tail ;both of us were so happy…then I spent most of the
time with Kaiser in the kennal.Then your wife scolded me that I’ am doing all these things purposely to insult her.Repetition of the same experiences at your
brother’s house also.So I came back.I had an accident while I was going to the hotel….I had a fracture at my leg …and admitted in the hospital for some time
When I came back to my house no one to look after and I laid inside the house without food for more than a week.Then I sent word to Rajamma .She came here and began looking after me very well…and giving me a company.Your mummy knows me well…that is enough.’’Aby ’s tongue was tied up and he kept quite.


Sunday, August 17, 2014

' 'Fond memories of my childhood '' [ 16 ]

‘’ Fond memories of my childhood ‘’[ 16 ]
One evening when we were playing out in the yard, two ladies ;two bulky ladies wearing saree in a different way…covering their heads came home.They straight away went to the kitchen side.When their saree slipped down we noticed that their heads were shaven ,and brother told me that they were widows and that was why their heads were shaven.As soon as Sreedharan
Saw them  he came out and directed  them to the dining hall.When we went there the two ladies were working  in the dining room, and grandma was sitting on a chair.Sreedharan was asisting them.We were chased out.
When we gotup in the next morning  the ladies were gone and the dining table was full of different type of chips and sweets.Grandma told that these eatables
were made to send to our brother…in…law,who was all alone in Singapore.
After some time mummy and grandma with the help of uncle ,packed all these
things neatly; kept it in box and sealed.It was sent to Singapore to my brother in law.But after a month or so it came back; without delivering  to the  addresse.The second world war broke out and so all communications were stopped. export,as well as
Import ;every thing came to a standstill.My sister held her baby tightly to her chest and wept.Mummy and grandma tried to pacify her. One of these days
there was a news in the news paper that the place where my sister and brother in law stayed were bombarded and conquered .The people who survived were put in jail and tortured.Letter sent to him also returned without delivering.In  those days radios were very rare …at times the rescue volunteers used to announce the names of the people who were alive.My sister
without mingling with others stayed in her room holding the baby and weep..
One day dad got an information that my brother in law Sivom’s name waes also included in the list of announcement. The next day my sister ,uncle and myself went to see a lady a little far away from our  house.We travelled in a country
boat  and I enjoyed the journey. at that moment I missed my brother a lot.
We  reached there by noon .She was also a young lady like my sister and had a baby girl of two or three years old.Her husband was also in Singapore.As soon as they saw each other they hugged;and the hugging ended in  weeping.After that there were no news about my brother in law Sivom for a long time.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

'' Fond memories of my childhood'' [ 15 ]

‘’ Fond memories of my childhood ‘’ [ 15 ].
‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’When the school reopened my brothers  and elder sister started going school .Again I was left alone. When my brother left for school I took out my toys and played peacefully.

A gain we shifted to an other place. When we went there  my grandma was there to look after my elders and by that time my eldest sister gave birth to a baby girl.Mum was  always busy looking after the two babies.
Though our house was a big one it was so crowded;with an other uncle ,pottanammachen, grandma and a maid servant and all.There was no out house and so the two constables on house duty;stayed late in the night and went home.
Our house was an isolated one ;around it there were small small palace buildings of
the royal family
.Just near our house there was  a palace and there was an old prince named Achamma thamburatti  as old as 95 years old;
could not hear at all.She had a hearing as big as  a husked coconut 
and a spout to insert into the ear.Next is an other palace.Our maid servant
used to go there, to wash clothes because the river was flowing nearby.When she went there to wash  clothes she used to take me also with her.The princess of that palace had eight boys and no girls.So she was fond of me and made me sit on her lap …gave me chips and fruits.Then she  went to the river and had a bath again because she had touched me.
Every morning my uncle took me and my brother to the temple and there we saw ,children from the palaces wearing  small dhothi with golden borders.
Through the transparency of the dhothi w e could see the gold chain around their waists.Uncle bought us also golden bordered small dhothi and I was so

Proud;because ,like the children of the palaces;I had gold chain around the waist ;that could be seen through the transparency of the dhothi.So also the temple going children wearing dhothi used a red ribbon like piece of cloth hooked in the waist chain in such a way to form an underwear.We also wore that ribbon like underwear. Then one day a gold smith came home ,and grandma took out my gold waist chain .I was hesitant to give it ,then she told me that he would make me a more beautiful one;.then she tied a black 
string around my waist.Every day I was waiting for the goldsmith to come, but he never came.But I noticed that my sister Rema and my sister’s baby wearing gold chain around their waists.
One day when we went to the temple we saw a lot of people gathered together and making thatched shed or pandal and decorating it with artificial flowers and hangings.Uncle told us that the festival of the temple was coming  shortly,.When the festival started ;every night dad used to go to the temple
By 8 or…8.30.spent more than an hour .Then he took me ,brother,sisters,and
mummy with him.There were a very big gathering around the temple .Every day during the festival time there were programs….like dance…;music concerts works and all ;outside the temple  compound wall ;and inside there were  a  nfumber ofleet of elephants and the deity of the temple mounted on the middle one...
…accompanied by panchavadyam and a number of lighted lamps.Inside and outside the temple tere were full of people.Because of the crowd there were police constables on duty.When they saw my dad they all rushed to him and saluted  him and they moved the crowd on either side and made a path for us to pass through..Then,everybody
 around ;looked us with much respect.Then I felt that I am somebody great.......
….that there is only one father in the world;….and he is mine.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

'' Fond memories of my childhood''[14]

‘’  Fond memories of my childhood ‘’[ 14 ]
My eldest sister brought me a toy car, a monkey playing on a drum and a toy watch  also.For brother she brought a school bag,pencil set ,eraser,pen and a toy watch.He was very much interested in my toys and whenever I took it out he used to come and play with me.I  liked his company but did not like his rash handling of my toys.So I was hesitant to give him my toys.He was very cunning and  I was just a puppet dancing to his tunes.He said he had two ladybirds named Burma and Brotha.At night when everybody sleeps they came to him and he used to sit on their back
and fly around seeing places and visiting our relatives and friends.If I gave him
the monkey or toy car he said he would give me one of the ladybirds ;   then both of us could go to see our grand ma,sister,and all.Then I asked him to show me  me the ladybirds.   Then I wanted to see them.He took me aside ;pointed towards the sky and told ‘’ see ;Iam going to call them,I  will show you my ladybirds.’’
He asked me to close my eyes.When I closed my eyes he made a murmuring
sound and then asked me to look at the sky where  he had pointed out.When I
Looked at that point he immediately changed position and scolded me’’ where are you looking?…look at the point where I am showing you’’…’’ see…see..did you
see them ;must watch carefully..within seconds they will hide themselves behind the clouds.’’thus promising me one of the lady birds he snatched away my toys.He always had a superior feeling that he is a boy and older than me for four years.  


Saturday, August 9, 2014

‘’ Fond Memories of my childhood ‘’ [ 13 ]
I spent most of the time ,lingering around the baby and mummy .One of these days I heard from Ammu aunty that my eldest sister was coming down from Singapore.She had gone to Singapore, with her husband, some three four years back.I could  hardly recollect her face ;but her husband’s face was not at all clear in my memory.Mummy used to tell me often that my  eldest sister who was coming from Singapore  was fond of me and looked after me nicely when mummy was ill.
One day Madhavan uncle and myself went to the railway station to bring my sister home.I was seeing a train for the first time,and  hence ,so excited
to see the long ,long compartments moving one after the other.It reminded me of a leach.Wile I was watching that I saw a fair lady waving her hand through the window.
Uncle holding my hand,…rushed to the spot where she had stepped down
Men wearing red uniforms brought her luggage and put it in a riksha .[.In those days there were only man pulling rikshaws .]We took an other rikshaw
and reached home.Everybody was very happy and they gave her a warm
welcome.The next day she opened her suitcases and distributed gifts to each and everyone.She gave me a box. When I opened it there was a doll with golden hair,blinking eyes wearing ,a frilled frock,She had,shoes and socks on toe. .Iwas so delighted to see the doll.So far I had not seen such a doll with hair ,dress and all.After a few days my grand ma ,my dad’s ma came home and my sister …
went with her to grandma’s home. Like my mum she also had a big tummy and I guessed that there was a baby inside.
My brother started discriminating me because all my cousins were boys ,and he liked to keep company with them, to climb trees, to catch small…small fishes
from the canals….to dive into the pond….and so on.When I went to them he used to say …''.go…go..away, and play with girls. We are boys ,we have to climb trees
jump into the ponds…swim and all.You girls are not supposed to do all these."
Then I felt an inferiority complex and started praying to god to change my sex.
I prayed  ‘’ Oh ,God ..Make me a boy  ‘’ And I started wearing my brother’s
Shorts and shirts believing that one day god will make me a boy.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

'' Fond memories of my childhood '' [12 ]

 Fond memories of my childhood[12 ]
My youngest uncle Raman was also fond of us and he bough us sweets whenever he went out.My uncles were athletes; elder uncle Madhavan pillai was a very famous  tennis player .,Every evening he went out wearing shorts and banyan
And a tennis racket in his hand;and the younger was a runner,.He also went with him  for his running practice. One evening two or three people brought him back.He looked weary and tired.They took him to his room and they stayed with him over night.He was advised to take complete rest .Madhavan uncle
stayed with him always…nursing him ..and we peeped through the door to know how he was getting on.Once when he saw me near the door he called me to
his side and patted on my back lovingly and said when he went out he would bring me sweets and a doll. The next night while Ammuaunty was helping us to do the home works we heard a sound of vomiting near the verandah .when we rushed to the verandah Raman uncle was vomiting blood.Everybody gathered around him,and they carried him to his room and we children were chased out and closed the door.After that we were not allowed to enter the room.We guessed that he was seriously ill and one morning when we got up , we saw
him being laid in front of a lighted lamp,fully covered with a shroud and everybody crying.I sat on Ammuaunty’s lap and wept.After some time, we children
and ladies were chased out to the next courtyard and through the window
we saw the people carrying him to the pyre at the corner of the compound.
After that every now and then his smiling face used to appear in my heart of hearts.
After a few months mummy became very weak and she looked weary   and tired. One night a stout lady wearing white saree and a tube like thing around
her neck,accompanied by an other lady wearing white and carrying a big bag
came home.They straitaway went to mummy’s room and closed the door.
Ammuaunty told me that I am going to get an younger brother… a doll
I was so exited.Then .Then Ammuaunty asked me to get a name for him.Then I said ‘’let us give him Raman uncle’s name.’’.Then she put me
by her side …held me tightly and wept .After a while she told me’’now you sleep ,when you get up in the morning I will show you your baby brother.’’
 When I woke up in the morning she took me to mummy’s room and showed me the baby. Baby was so cute with rosy cheeks ,golden hair and red lips.He closed his eyes and sleeping.Only his face we could see…fully wrapped in a white flannel
.I felt like carrying him in my arms and hug…but the lady who was looking after mummy and the baby; did’nt allow me to touch.Ammuaunty took me away from ther and told that it was my baby sister.Then she asked me what name I’am going to give her.Immediately Raman uncle’s face came to my mind
And I said we will give Raman uncle’s name as we decided.She laughed aloud
And said ‘’it is a boy’s name…we must find out a girl’s name for her.I was adamant that the baby must be named after him. So she was named Rema.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

'' Fond memories of my childhood ''[11 ]

‘’ Fond memories of my child hood ‘’[ 11 ]
After this incident I was so scared to go near the wall to see the pedestrians and cyclists, thinking that the cats eyed cripple master may appear on the road at any moment.I used to spend my time playing with Neelandan and doing my  home works and teaching Neelandan the lessons the master taught me.By teaching him, for me, the lessons became thorough and always I got ‘good’
for my home works from the master.
After awhile my dad was transferred to another place.My mummy was happy that the transfer was to her home town.
One morning a bus came to our yard.Pottanammachen with the help of the constables and Sreedharan put all the luggage on the top of the bus.The constables, Pottanamachen and the elder brothers got into the bus and drove
On.By the next daybreak a car came to our house my mum dad sisters brother and myself got into the car and we drove on .By 10’O clock we reached home    where my mum was born and brought up.Two uncles two aunties and servants were there.We were hungry and so first of all we had break fast and then my brother and myself went around to see the house and surroundings.It was a very vast and aristocratic house with a very vast hall big enough  to conduct a marriage  and three courtyards  cellars,cow shed ,barn  of and all.The compound was very wide that we couldn't see the boundaries The compound was full with  wild plants and flowers ,like a flower bed fading out in the lake.My aunties took us to the lake shore every   evening .We collected  flowers and put it in the canals to see it flowing towards the lake We als,and collected small small stones and threw it far into the lake.We used to play like this till sunset.
Among the two aunties the elder auntie  named Ammu was very fond of me
When the cook Kesavan went for shopping she made  him  buy halve for me from the hotel ‘cheenan’s.’.There were no Chinese in the hotel,but
I don’t know why everybody called the hotel  ‘ chienan’s