Monday, August 25, 2014

'' Birds of the air neither sow nor reap '' [ 2 ]

‘’ Birds of the air neither sow nor reap’’[2 ]
Paul achan hates this silence and loneliness.Through the window he could see the endless concrete buildings…looking upwards he could see a square piece of the sky blue sometimes cloudy,looking downwards he could see the different coloured vehicles;cars and lorries running in two or three rows;like ants.Nowadays when he see Geogi or his wife Soni he wanted to talk ,but words fail;he don’t know from where to begin or what to talk.At night no sleep at all.No differance between day and night.When he hears the tingling sound from the kitchen, he knows that Soni got up.Then the yelling of Geogy…he knows that he is waking up the children.After some time when he hears the
 banging of the door ,he knows all of them had gone to offices and schools.Then  slowly Paul achan used to come out of his room. Then his brake fast,..lunch…tea in a flask …every thing will be on the dining table in the same place  but he does’nt feel like eating ,no appetite….slowly ,without his knowledge his mind will go to his village.There he was somebody respected loved 
and honoured much, by the villagers.Where there was a function Paul achan was the most respected person,and his commands were carried out without any hesitation.In his village, in his thatched house was also the same.His words were the last words…that everybody obeyed. Here he is nobody …nobody knows him…..
nobody wants him ….nobody to care for him…nobody to love him..He is one among the moveable property.He pinched at his thigh…to find out wether he is alive or  not.Yes he is alive…He thought …what is the use of him ,being alive?He wanted to go back…but where to go…his house was sold and the money was shared among the three children…on condition that he should be looked after
by them equally.For four months he will be with Georgy in U.S then four months
with  his second son Boban then the remaining four moth with  his daughter Susi in Canada .Where ever he goes everywhere the same pin drop silence and solitude
followed him…to  kill him.                 One day he ran away from this silence..
and that running ended in an asylum….he could not remember how he reached there…Any way he felt homely….he could see the faces of
human  beings…hear the sound of human beings ; birds of the same feather.


  1. ബേര്‍ഡ്സ് ഓഫ് ദ് സെയിം ഫെതര്‍!
    അവര്‍ ആശ്വാസം കണ്ടെത്തട്ടെ

  2. Dear Ajit thank you so much for the comments .shakunthala