Saturday, August 9, 2014

‘’ Fond Memories of my childhood ‘’ [ 13 ]
I spent most of the time ,lingering around the baby and mummy .One of these days I heard from Ammu aunty that my eldest sister was coming down from Singapore.She had gone to Singapore, with her husband, some three four years back.I could  hardly recollect her face ;but her husband’s face was not at all clear in my memory.Mummy used to tell me often that my  eldest sister who was coming from Singapore  was fond of me and looked after me nicely when mummy was ill.
One day Madhavan uncle and myself went to the railway station to bring my sister home.I was seeing a train for the first time,and  hence ,so excited
to see the long ,long compartments moving one after the other.It reminded me of a leach.Wile I was watching that I saw a fair lady waving her hand through the window.
Uncle holding my hand,…rushed to the spot where she had stepped down
Men wearing red uniforms brought her luggage and put it in a riksha .[.In those days there were only man pulling rikshaws .]We took an other rikshaw
and reached home.Everybody was very happy and they gave her a warm
welcome.The next day she opened her suitcases and distributed gifts to each and everyone.She gave me a box. When I opened it there was a doll with golden hair,blinking eyes wearing ,a frilled frock,She had,shoes and socks on toe. .Iwas so delighted to see the doll.So far I had not seen such a doll with hair ,dress and all.After a few days my grand ma ,my dad’s ma came home and my sister …
went with her to grandma’s home. Like my mum she also had a big tummy and I guessed that there was a baby inside.
My brother started discriminating me because all my cousins were boys ,and he liked to keep company with them, to climb trees, to catch small…small fishes
from the canals….to dive into the pond….and so on.When I went to them he used to say …''.go…go..away, and play with girls. We are boys ,we have to climb trees
jump into the ponds…swim and all.You girls are not supposed to do all these."
Then I felt an inferiority complex and started praying to god to change my sex.
I prayed  ‘’ Oh ,God ..Make me a boy  ‘’ And I started wearing my brother’s
Shorts and shirts believing that one day god will make me a boy.


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  2. Sorry,I could'nt read your comment;Will u plse write it again.with love shakunthala

  3. Mummy used to tell me often that she was fond of me and looked after me nicely when she was ill.
    ഇതില്‍ ഒരു തെറ്റുണ്ടല്ലോ. ആരായിരുന്നു അസുഖമായി കിടന്നതും ആരായിരുന്നു നന്നായി ശുശ്രൂഷിച്ചതും :)