Tuesday, December 16, 2014

‘’ Fond memories of my child hood ‘’ [24 ]
One fine morning ;like a sweet dream ,pottanammachen arrived with a smile..to take me backto my mum.He held my face in his palms and looking at my eyes sympathetically ;told me  ‘’get ready …..pack your things…we will go to your mum ‘’.Aunty helped me to put on my dress and pack my things.By the time ,Vergheese uncle,one of the friends of my dad came there in a car and we started to Bharatheepuram ,where my mum was at that time.On the way 
we stepped down at Dr.Thampy uncle’s clinic to show the festering scabies and swelling at my legs.He examined me and gave medicines for internal and external use.We reached there by evening.When we reached there mum was waiting for us in the drawing room.She came forward leaving my younger sister
behind and held me tightly to her chest.In the warmth of her chest I forgot  the pains and enjoyed a feeling of love and care. Within a few days I became energetic and scabies started healing, On weekends dad used to come to the estatehouse.Then I heard them discussing seriously about my education.
There were no schools in the estate area.
One day my eldest sister and her husband who was trapped in Singapore because of the  2nd world war,came home from Nangiar ku langara. She was very fond
 of me.So  was I .She said that she would take me with her
and some how would get an admision in the convent nearby.She stayed th us for a few
days  and went back to Nangiarkulangara with me.She secured an admission
for me in the preparetary class.In those days there were a one year class in between  the fourth and fifth standard.From the second term I started going school. It was run by nuns…they were very strict,but soft spoken.The premises were quite clean.My   class teacher was a nun ,Sister Slowmo… Every one  in the class ,got individual attention. I liked the school and the atmosphere very much.I liked my sister and her motherly affection towards
 me was a great  help to concentrate on my lessons and I did well in my studies.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

''Fond memories '' [23]

‘’Fond memories of my child hood ‘’ [23]
My father got a transfer  to Kottarakkara. .It was a requested transfer.From there he could go Bharatheepuram to look after the construction of the house and the rubber estate.He was about to retire from
Service.There was only one year for his retirement.At the same tlme my aunty’s husband was also transferred to Mavelikkara.It was high time to start my schooling and so two of my brothers and me were left in Quilon with my uncle and the others moved to Kottarakkara.For me the absence of my mum in the house was unbearable .Adding on to that I had two, three scabies
at my calf,and I didn't allow anybody to clean it,and so it started festering.
At school there was a headmistress,short and very fair with a cane,
always roaming around the class rooms.All these together left me in a very pathetic condition.Through out the day and night I wept and begged my uncle to take me to my mum. My brother was happy that he had a number of mischievous friends near by and they enjoyed themselves;picking up cigarette
stumps….gathering together;and smoking….climbing coconut trees and plucking tender coca nuts..like that.For the convenience of these type of mischiefs he kept me at a distance.Once he was caught red handed while he was enjoying a cigarette stump and uncle gave him two,three caneing at his thigh
in presence of his friends.He kept this in his mind as a revenge.Uncle used to take a  nap this  every day ,after lunch in an easy chair.After two, three days of
this incident my brother moved the chair to a certain position where there
was a hole in the ceiling and the chair was kept      just below the hole.When uncle fell into his nap he slowly without making any noise ,climbed the steps
to the ceiling and urinated through the hole.The urine fell right at his face.
Suddenly he got up.
first he thought that it might be a rat.Seeing the quantity
of urine he guessed that it was not be a rat.He slowly climbed the steps.That time also  my brother was caught red handed and received slaps right at his cheeks.