Friday, November 27, 2015

[ ''QUOTATION '' ]

    [ ‘’ Quotation ‘’ ]
Old man thought ‘’what is the use of me living like this ? a useless ;unwanted ; inconvenient  fellow;…..counting my days….but it is not coming to an end…some how  pulling on .After my wife Narayani’s death  I have been with my eldest daughter . for some time, I was wanted to stand in the queue  to buy milk and provisions; to take the children to the bus stop; in the evening to bring them back.
When they became old enough ,that they could  manage themselves; I became
a  useless  inconvenient  fellow. Without a word I came away.  Now  I  realize  Narayani’s  value .Poor thing  she is my uncle’s daughter; born for me …but she
received  only insult ;….blaming…and snubbing from me..Now she is full in my heart;….every nook and corner of the house; in the cow shed;  … the chicken cage;…..everywhere  I could feel her presence.  ;.Now all these places are empty.
  The kitchen almost lay closed. One servant used to come ; whenever she feels like coming; and cook some rubbish. Now I realize that money is nothing ; no value at all;…to buy medicine or some other necessary things ,I have to wait days to get somebody  to buy it. What is the use of me living like this; can I end my life?
and get rid of all these misery.’’ Long time our good old man is trying to find out a solution to put an end to his life. Slowly he took out his medicine box. There was medicine for high B P ,sugar ,and sleeping pills. He collected it and thought for a moment; ‘’ if I swallow all these medicines together, my BP will go down and down, and my sugar level will go down and down and sleep ,sleep,  sleep off and finish. But if I don’t  finish off, then somebody will put me in the hospital ,even if nobody wants me; then the torture and misery , I have to undergo.....oh ! can’t even imagine. Then there is only one way...give ‘ quotation ‘ ....Ayyappankutty old friend’s. .as well as  my orderly’s son is now in the quotation gang...he may help me. Slowly he got out of the house in the darkness and walked towards
Ayyappankutty’s  house . One white car was there in the yard , so he was sure that Ayyappan was at home. He slowly knocked at the door. Ayyappankutty came out ,seeing this good old man at this time , he opened his mouth in amazement;
Without a  word old man walked off, and he followed  him. When they reached at a dilapidated barn...old man stopped and turned to his side, caught both his hands together in his hands, and  with a shivering voice pleaded  ‘’Ayyappa don’t say me I have no other solution ...will you please finish off a person for me,..what  ever you want; I will give....please don’t say no ‘’Then our old man
sobbed.  Ayyappan   hugged him tightly and said ‘’ Uncle , tell me whom do you want to finish ?’’ Then with a gasping old man said ‘’ It is me , somehow finish off me, and save me, from these misery ‘’ At last he agreed. Ayyappan   said  ‘’ I will keep a small packet in this barn. Here  in this  point’’ He showed him a point .’’Mix it with water and drink .Next morning you won’t get up ‘’ Old man gave him a piece of gold bar , but he was hesitant to receive it  ’’ see ,this will lay under my pillow ,and somebody will grab it’’. He then forcefully put it in his pocket.
Next morning, the pedestrians, passing by, saw the barn  kept opened , they found out a dead body ,informed the neighbors  and police.


Thursday, November 19, 2015


‘’ A goldmine ‘’
One day Ammukutti amma got a phone call from Menon sir telling that there is a chance for her to get her husband’s freedom  fighter’s  and MLA’s pension,  for which she has to furnish,  a few  records in the village office. She with much enthusiasm , sat in the portico itself, waiting for her son ,Chandran  with whom
She was staying. As soon as he entered the house ,with great joy she passed  him  Menon’s  message. Chandran laughed loudly and said sarcastically how long I ‘am hearing  this story .How long Achan and menon uncle  ran after it.Leave it ,he is mad.’’
Then she called her second son Revi.’’ Revi…will you be able to take me to our  house….I have to collect a few records from  Achan’s   Almirah  ,and entrust it with Menon  chettan for Achan’s  pension .After  that he will see to it. We need not worry about it.’’He  rtorted, oh ; he started the pension story  again .Is he not fed up
‘with it. He is mad ; Amma, you mind your own business. Now you are ok; need not  run around  after it.’’
’Then she called her daughter Lalitha ,she laughed’’ what ? pension ?Menon uncle is still repeating the same story; if you are so adamant ; tell your son ;he  has his own car; a full time servant and all. For me I have to hire a car; you know; I cannot
Afford to it, Here I’am struggling to make both ends meet.’’She knows very well the answer she is going to get from the youngest one .Any way she asked her also
‘’ Amma ; don’t you know that how much I’m suffering here with these two small children; looking  after them; helping them to do their home work ; going to the office ;there I’am not just playing ,’’Ammukutty Amma put the phone  in the cradle. Then she called Menon  and said ‘’ Menon chetta ;I won’t be able to come
and give you the records; here everybody is busy, that they have no time to bring me there;so please leave me ;and you go ahead. Then he said ‘’ Chechy;  you get ready to come tomorrow  by 10.30.I will be there; by then with a taxi; I cannot forget Krishnan chettan and you chechy.’’ Next day by 10’o clock  Menon came there with a taxi; She left a message with the maid servant for her son ;that she is going to her house   and went off. Her house was in a very dilapidated condition;
and so Menon and his wife Saraswathi  stayed with her that day. Next day  she got  calls from her sons  blaming  her. She didn’t  utter a word .After a month their pensions  were  sanctioned with arrears;  that they got a pretty good amount. She conveyed the good news to her four children. Everybody  became happy ;the eldest one, Chandran   said’’ Anyway one of the dreams of our Achan is fulfilled, thank god; then get ready; I will be there by tomorrow morning to bring you back.’’ Revi said ‘’ On Sunday morning I will be there with a car to bring you
back.’’. The third one said ‘’ so far you were with Chettan. There they have a full time servant. So I thought; let you be more comfortable and safe. Now I have a
maid servant for the day time. You come with me for some time’’ Youngest one said ‘’ Amma ; Iam here with these two small chidren. Whenever Hariyettan
call me from Soudi  he used to tell ; ‘’you bring Amma there;now the children are  school going ; so you have enough time to look after her ;and she will also be a company
for you and the children’’. One by one the four of them came there to take her to their houses In no time she has become a gold mine; and everybody wants
her. But she said ‘’  I am not coming any were with anybody .Here ;I am wanted ,
I like this dilapidated house ; the dirty  surroundings and the poor villagers who don’t know the  values of assets or status.