Tuesday, August 5, 2014

'' Fond memories of my childhood ''[11 ]

‘’ Fond memories of my child hood ‘’[ 11 ]
After this incident I was so scared to go near the wall to see the pedestrians and cyclists, thinking that the cats eyed cripple master may appear on the road at any moment.I used to spend my time playing with Neelandan and doing my  home works and teaching Neelandan the lessons the master taught me.By teaching him, for me, the lessons became thorough and always I got ‘good’
for my home works from the master.
After awhile my dad was transferred to another place.My mummy was happy that the transfer was to her home town.
One morning a bus came to our yard.Pottanammachen with the help of the constables and Sreedharan put all the luggage on the top of the bus.The constables, Pottanamachen and the elder brothers got into the bus and drove
On.By the next daybreak a car came to our house my mum dad sisters brother and myself got into the car and we drove on .By 10’O clock we reached home    where my mum was born and brought up.Two uncles two aunties and servants were there.We were hungry and so first of all we had break fast and then my brother and myself went around to see the house and surroundings.It was a very vast and aristocratic house with a very vast hall big enough  to conduct a marriage  and three courtyards  cellars,cow shed ,barn  of and all.The compound was very wide that we couldn't see the boundaries The compound was full with  wild plants and flowers ,like a flower bed fading out in the lake.My aunties took us to the lake shore every   evening .We collected  flowers and put it in the canals to see it flowing towards the lake We als,and collected small small stones and threw it far into the lake.We used to play like this till sunset.
Among the two aunties the elder auntie  named Ammu was very fond of me
When the cook Kesavan went for shopping she made  him  buy halve for me from the hotel ‘cheenan’s.’.There were no Chinese in the hotel,but
I don’t know why everybody called the hotel  ‘ chienan’s