Sunday, August 17, 2014

' 'Fond memories of my childhood '' [ 16 ]

‘’ Fond memories of my childhood ‘’[ 16 ]
One evening when we were playing out in the yard, two ladies ;two bulky ladies wearing saree in a different way…covering their heads came home.They straight away went to the kitchen side.When their saree slipped down we noticed that their heads were shaven ,and brother told me that they were widows and that was why their heads were shaven.As soon as Sreedharan
Saw them  he came out and directed  them to the dining hall.When we went there the two ladies were working  in the dining room, and grandma was sitting on a chair.Sreedharan was asisting them.We were chased out.
When we gotup in the next morning  the ladies were gone and the dining table was full of different type of chips and sweets.Grandma told that these eatables
were made to send to our brother…in…law,who was all alone in Singapore.
After some time mummy and grandma with the help of uncle ,packed all these
things neatly; kept it in box and sealed.It was sent to Singapore to my brother in law.But after a month or so it came back; without delivering  to the  addresse.The second world war broke out and so all communications were stopped. export,as well as
Import ;every thing came to a standstill.My sister held her baby tightly to her chest and wept.Mummy and grandma tried to pacify her. One of these days
there was a news in the news paper that the place where my sister and brother in law stayed were bombarded and conquered .The people who survived were put in jail and tortured.Letter sent to him also returned without delivering.In  those days radios were very rare …at times the rescue volunteers used to announce the names of the people who were alive.My sister
without mingling with others stayed in her room holding the baby and weep..
One day dad got an information that my brother in law Sivom’s name waes also included in the list of announcement. The next day my sister ,uncle and myself went to see a lady a little far away from our  house.We travelled in a country
boat  and I enjoyed the journey. at that moment I missed my brother a lot.
We  reached there by noon .She was also a young lady like my sister and had a baby girl of two or three years old.Her husband was also in Singapore.As soon as they saw each other they hugged;and the hugging ended in  weeping.After that there were no news about my brother in law Sivom for a long time.


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