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'' Fond memories of my childhood'' [ 15 ]

‘’ Fond memories of my childhood ‘’ [ 15 ].
‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’When the school reopened my brothers  and elder sister started going school .Again I was left alone. When my brother left for school I took out my toys and played peacefully.

A gain we shifted to an other place. When we went there  my grandma was there to look after my elders and by that time my eldest sister gave birth to a baby girl.Mum was  always busy looking after the two babies.
Though our house was a big one it was so crowded;with an other uncle ,pottanammachen, grandma and a maid servant and all.There was no out house and so the two constables on house duty;stayed late in the night and went home.
Our house was an isolated one ;around it there were small small palace buildings of
the royal family
.Just near our house there was  a palace and there was an old prince named Achamma thamburatti  as old as 95 years old;
could not hear at all.She had a hearing as big as  a husked coconut 
and a spout to insert into the ear.Next is an other palace.Our maid servant
used to go there, to wash clothes because the river was flowing nearby.When she went there to wash  clothes she used to take me also with her.The princess of that palace had eight boys and no girls.So she was fond of me and made me sit on her lap …gave me chips and fruits.Then she  went to the river and had a bath again because she had touched me.
Every morning my uncle took me and my brother to the temple and there we saw ,children from the palaces wearing  small dhothi with golden borders.
Through the transparency of the dhothi w e could see the gold chain around their waists.Uncle bought us also golden bordered small dhothi and I was so

Proud;because ,like the children of the palaces;I had gold chain around the waist ;that could be seen through the transparency of the dhothi.So also the temple going children wearing dhothi used a red ribbon like piece of cloth hooked in the waist chain in such a way to form an underwear.We also wore that ribbon like underwear. Then one day a gold smith came home ,and grandma took out my gold waist chain .I was hesitant to give it ,then she told me that he would make me a more beautiful one;.then she tied a black 
string around my waist.Every day I was waiting for the goldsmith to come, but he never came.But I noticed that my sister Rema and my sister’s baby wearing gold chain around their waists.
One day when we went to the temple we saw a lot of people gathered together and making thatched shed or pandal and decorating it with artificial flowers and hangings.Uncle told us that the festival of the temple was coming  shortly,.When the festival started ;every night dad used to go to the temple
By 8 or…8.30.spent more than an hour .Then he took me ,brother,sisters,and
mummy with him.There were a very big gathering around the temple .Every day during the festival time there were programs….like dance…;music concerts works and all ;outside the temple  compound wall ;and inside there were  a  nfumber ofleet of elephants and the deity of the temple mounted on the middle one...
…accompanied by panchavadyam and a number of lighted lamps.Inside and outside the temple tere were full of people.Because of the crowd there were police constables on duty.When they saw my dad they all rushed to him and saluted  him and they moved the crowd on either side and made a path for us to pass through..Then,everybody
 around ;looked us with much respect.Then I felt that I am somebody great.......
….that there is only one father in the world;….and he is mine.

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