Tuesday, August 12, 2014

'' Fond memories of my childhood''[14]

‘’  Fond memories of my childhood ‘’[ 14 ]
My eldest sister brought me a toy car, a monkey playing on a drum and a toy watch  also.For brother she brought a school bag,pencil set ,eraser,pen and a toy watch.He was very much interested in my toys and whenever I took it out he used to come and play with me.I  liked his company but did not like his rash handling of my toys.So I was hesitant to give him my toys.He was very cunning and  I was just a puppet dancing to his tunes.He said he had two ladybirds named Burma and Brotha.At night when everybody sleeps they came to him and he used to sit on their back
and fly around seeing places and visiting our relatives and friends.If I gave him
the monkey or toy car he said he would give me one of the ladybirds ;   then both of us could go to see our grand ma,sister,and all.Then I asked him to show me  me the ladybirds.   Then I wanted to see them.He took me aside ;pointed towards the sky and told ‘’ see ;Iam going to call them,I  will show you my ladybirds.’’
He asked me to close my eyes.When I closed my eyes he made a murmuring
sound and then asked me to look at the sky where  he had pointed out.When I
Looked at that point he immediately changed position and scolded me’’ where are you looking?…look at the point where I am showing you’’…’’ see…see..did you
see them ;must watch carefully..within seconds they will hide themselves behind the clouds.’’thus promising me one of the lady birds he snatched away my toys.He always had a superior feeling that he is a boy and older than me for four years.  



  1. മെമ്മറീസ് കൊള്ളാം. തുടരട്ടെ!

  2. Thaks Ajit thanks for pointing out my mistakes also.shakunthala