Friday, August 29, 2014

'' Fond memories of my child hood ''[18 ]

‘’Fond Memories  of my childhood ‘’ [18 ]
The first house where we stayed in Perumbavur was on the side of the road which led to the school.Every evening I used to go to the gate to see the school children going back in groups making a rattling sound.Some of the girls
Waved their hands to me and I waved back. One day all the boys  collected themselves in the school compound and yelled out slogans loudly, throwing
out their fists;. Could not make out what they were telling except ‘’Mahathma Gandhi.. kee.. jay’’My elder brothers were also included among them.The head master with the help of other masters tried their level best to disperse them; but could not.They had to seek police help.This process continued for two or three
days then the school was closed.Dad was very angry with my brothers for joining the student’s group and participating in the freedom movement. He was very alert and was roaming around in a jeep with police force at the school
premises ;factory premises and where there was a gathering.I asked my sister  for what the school boys were quitting their studies ?;factory workers quitting   
 their jobs ?Then she said something about the British, ruling over India,and Mahathmaji  with his followers  fighting against them to make them  leave  from our country and all.I did not understand much but one thing I came to know
that the British rulers were exploiting us and Mahathmaji and his Indian followers were trying to save our country  from their hands.At the same time every day we
had a shocking news of the world war also.Any way the illiterate people of our country were in a jovial mood;that in every house they received a money order and a letter ,every month.In front of the ration shops and in front of the flour
mills there were big crowds ;as we see in front of the beverages retail shops
nowadays. My eldest sister was one of the victims of the world war.She
carrying  the baby;with a lost look  in her eyes moved around doing nothing.
Mummy spent her time always with her to give her a moral support.Her brother in law Krishnan Thampi chettan and his three daughters used to visit her often.All together we were 13…14 members in the family and often we had guests.So for convenience we moved to a bigger house. The new house was quite big and beautiful.That time I was hardly 5 or 6 years old.We were seeing
electric  lights for the first time.The house belonged to a British –planter
and he sold it to a local man.There was a drive way; on either side of it there were  cana and other flowering plants  full of flowers. There was an   out   house on the left side of it. There was a doom light at the central hall  and a dim green light at my sister’s room,all other lights were normal.The backyard was quite big with a lot of mango trees,
Jack trees and guava trees.Very near to our house was a doctor’s house,he too was a victim of the world war.He lost his right leg at the war field and was bed ridden.He had  five children.Though he was disabled…he was pleasant.



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