Friday, August 22, 2014

short story'' Birds of the air neither sow nor reap ''

‘’Birds  of the air they neither sow nor reap ‘’[short story ]
As soon as the car stopped Aby jumped out of it and rushed into the house like a tempest and yelled out at his father’’ are you not feeling ashamed of… bring a prostitute in the house….in our mummy’s place…?Do you remember what all funny scenes she made here….sitting in front of our house…demanding a huge amt as compensation for her pregnancy.I remember ,after this incident
Mummy was always in tears…she never went out.If you had remembered  her a moment ,you would  not have done this.’’He was stumping on the floor,hitting on the table and shivering with anger.Old man was very cool,having his brake fast. He called ‘’ Rajamma…bring a plate for Aby.’’ Like a frightened cat
she placed the plate on the table and went in side.Aby continuede….’’In spite
of all your weakness she loved you ,..respected you for more than 60;..65..
years.Now I realise her greateness…how great she was.Old man called Rajamma   to help him  to getup..she gave him his crutches and held him and
lifted him and helped him to reach his bed. Aby followed him sadly,..he never knew that he was in such a condition.Old man said’’ I had been with you for two;…tree years and  then with your brother.In your house both of you are always on a tug of war…who is superior; your wife says she is ,because she is a doctor earning money more than    that you earns.In between your clashes you never noticed  the children going astray.By 7.30….8 everybody  will leave home keeping food for the dog in it’s kenal and for me in my room.Fed up …pa…fed one to care for….no one to share for.Once I went to the kennal and sat with ‘Kaiser’.He licked my hand…my face…put his hands on my shoulder softly…waging his tail ;both of us were so happy…then I spent most of the
time with Kaiser in the kennal.Then your wife scolded me that I’ am doing all these things purposely to insult her.Repetition of the same experiences at your
brother’s house also.So I came back.I had an accident while I was going to the hotel….I had a fracture at my leg …and admitted in the hospital for some time
When I came back to my house no one to look after and I laid inside the house without food for more than a week.Then I sent word to Rajamma .She came here and began looking after me very well…and giving me a company.Your mummy knows me well…that is enough.’’Aby ’s tongue was tied up and he kept quite.


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