Thursday, August 7, 2014

'' Fond memories of my childhood '' [12 ]

 Fond memories of my childhood[12 ]
My youngest uncle Raman was also fond of us and he bough us sweets whenever he went out.My uncles were athletes; elder uncle Madhavan pillai was a very famous  tennis player .,Every evening he went out wearing shorts and banyan
And a tennis racket in his hand;and the younger was a runner,.He also went with him  for his running practice. One evening two or three people brought him back.He looked weary and tired.They took him to his room and they stayed with him over night.He was advised to take complete rest .Madhavan uncle
stayed with him always…nursing him ..and we peeped through the door to know how he was getting on.Once when he saw me near the door he called me to
his side and patted on my back lovingly and said when he went out he would bring me sweets and a doll. The next night while Ammuaunty was helping us to do the home works we heard a sound of vomiting near the verandah .when we rushed to the verandah Raman uncle was vomiting blood.Everybody gathered around him,and they carried him to his room and we children were chased out and closed the door.After that we were not allowed to enter the room.We guessed that he was seriously ill and one morning when we got up , we saw
him being laid in front of a lighted lamp,fully covered with a shroud and everybody crying.I sat on Ammuaunty’s lap and wept.After some time, we children
and ladies were chased out to the next courtyard and through the window
we saw the people carrying him to the pyre at the corner of the compound.
After that every now and then his smiling face used to appear in my heart of hearts.
After a few months mummy became very weak and she looked weary   and tired. One night a stout lady wearing white saree and a tube like thing around
her neck,accompanied by an other lady wearing white and carrying a big bag
came home.They straitaway went to mummy’s room and closed the door.
Ammuaunty told me that I am going to get an younger brother… a doll
I was so exited.Then .Then Ammuaunty asked me to get a name for him.Then I said ‘’let us give him Raman uncle’s name.’’.Then she put me
by her side …held me tightly and wept .After a while she told me’’now you sleep ,when you get up in the morning I will show you your baby brother.’’
 When I woke up in the morning she took me to mummy’s room and showed me the baby. Baby was so cute with rosy cheeks ,golden hair and red lips.He closed his eyes and sleeping.Only his face we could see…fully wrapped in a white flannel
.I felt like carrying him in my arms and hug…but the lady who was looking after mummy and the baby; did’nt allow me to touch.Ammuaunty took me away from ther and told that it was my baby sister.Then she asked me what name I’am going to give her.Immediately Raman uncle’s face came to my mind
And I said we will give Raman uncle’s name as we decided.She laughed aloud
And said ‘’it is a boy’s name…we must find out a girl’s name for her.I was adamant that the baby must be named after him. So she was named Rema.


  1. രാമന്‍ അങ്കിളിന് എന്തായിരുന്നു അസുഖം? ഇത്ര പെട്ടെന്ന് യാത്ര പറയാന്‍?

  2. രാമന്‍ അങ്കിളിന് വയറ്റില്‍ ഹെമരേജൂണ്ടായ തായിരുന്നുമരണകാരണം.
    കമണ്ടിനുനന്ദി പറഞ്ഞു കൊള്ളട്ടെ എന്ന് ശകുന്തള n