Monday, June 4, 2012

“Evergreen memories of my childhood”

From the heights, I could see the beautiful curves of the eight inlets of the Lake Ashtamudi in blue; encircled by the thick growth of  , shrubs and…trees; Shaded, in dark and light green. My house…was
 an aristocratic  one… with a vast hall..spacious..enough where marriages were conducted…and courtyards…cellars…and so on ….That was  My home ……where…I  was born..and brought up
  , was on the banks of one of the inlets of the lake. My grandma ….I call her  mummy…the symbol of love and affection….used to take me to the lakeshore every evening to enjoy cool breeze, and to play with Madhavan.  Madhavan was hardly ten or twelve years old at that time. He was engaged by mummy just to give me a company and to play with me. my dad visited me often I enjoyed his visits and was eagerly longing for his visits; but mummy didn’t like him.
From the very look and murmuring I could understand the depth of her hatred towards my dad. I do not  know why.  My uncle used to come home often to see mummy. From their loud talk and arguments
I came to know that there was some dispute going on in the court between my dad and mummy
And the victim is me. My dad usually comes in big luxurious cars with two three assistance to obey his commands. He takes me for outings; showings…..and bought me whatever I wish. He keeps on asking me “what do you want? ….You select whatever you want ….Don’t hesitate to tell me…you select yourself…..”like that. Then we go to a five star hotel. In the dim light …in the nice and cool room….in the soft and cozy bed….in his arms ...enjoying the warmth of his chest….listening to the lullaby of his heartbeat…;even at that time; when I forget myself ; his husky and low voice..asks me
“Son….will you come with ….me…there is nobody in my house…Iam alone  ...when I think of you, I feel sad….when you go to the court ….the judge will ask you ‘do you like to stay with your mom
 Or dad? Whom do you like more?  ‘then you must say that you like to stay with your dad...won’t  you say like that ?.”When I say ‘yes ‘to him…I saw  in the heart of hearts my mummy’s sad face with tearful eyes. In my mind I used to say ‘no I  Cannot leave her alone and come away. one of those days when I woke up one morning ;people were gathered in my house. Mummy led me to the central hall. There
I saw my grate grandma lying under a lighted lamp…closed eyes and  covered with a shroud.              
The people carried her away to a corner of the yard and burned her.Then my mummy …held me close to her chest with trembling hands and told in a shivering voice “ grandma is gone”.I asked;
“where?”   “Lord Siva called her and she went to heaven”  Then I asked her “If Lord Siva  call you like this ;will you go leaving me alone.”She didn’t utter a word… held me tightly and wept .
After a month or so my mummy fell ill.The people around us and relatives gathered….they took her to the hospital…while they were shifting her to the car She was holding my hand tightly  and my  uncle pulled me back ; to help her to get into.Everyday my uncle took me to the hospital to see mummy.One day mummy asked my uncle to inform my dad that she wants to see him.When my dad came ….she gave  my hands in his hands and wept bitterly….then in ashivering and broken voice told me….”your dad is very nice… loving ….and affectionate…Now you go with him… soon as I come home …I will   you….”She could’nt   finish the word ‘ back’ . That night dad and myself stayed
In the hospital.Early morning he woke me up and said “come we will go …after two tree days we
Shall come again to see mummy.”Then I rushed to mummy’s room…to say bye…but he held me back….”See…mummy is sleeping ….she is not well… you know..don’t..disturb her..”I peeped through the door and saw her sleeping.
Dad  took me to the car…as we drove on I saw an ambulance….folowing us and it disapeard somewhere….At that time I  was hardly six years old and never had been to my home.After some
time  some how I came to know that my mummy passedaway.After that all my memories about my home and my childhood was soaked in tears…..I never felt like visiting there ….where my mummy is
absent . Cannot   immagine my home without my mummy.
Now after some twenty five years…..;to fulfill my son steve’s and my wife christel’s wish to see my
home I have come….but I canot pointout where my home was….these eight and a half acres of land
is ful of   Big…big…flats  and   star hotels…..and now I feel that I should not have come….I closed my eyes ….with in a split second…the sight …faided away…..Now   I  see the beautiful…old… aristocratic
house ;the garden…and the narrow path ….amid the wild plants ;creapers;and wild  flowers… leading
to the lakeshore….now I feel…’s hand holding me…and the warmth ..…
of  the tears…  running  down …my…cheecks.


  1. Nicely narrated .. waiting for next part ...
    best wishes ..


    1. Praful thanks for the comments.Iam always expecting your comments.

  2. a very beautiful description... couldn't have been better :) waiting to read more of your creations :)

  3. thanks for the comments.your grandma Rema can explain you more about the story.grate grandma

  4. very nice valliamma..... felt like I am there.....beautiful narration! waiting for more fm you!

  5. kidilam ammummae....!!! a narration that touches your heart...and leaves you nostalgic...plzz do keep writing :)