Friday, November 21, 2014

Fond memories of my chhildhood [22]

 ‘’ Fond memories of my childhood ‘’ [22]
The school reopened and my brothers and sister went to school.During the day time I was left alone. So when our cook Kesavan went to the market in the morning ,he used to leave me at one of my ,aunty’s  house.There one of her sons were of my age and two other boys younger than me.We played  till evening .My uncle was an anchel inspector and two of his  peons were  at home helping household works like marketing ;keeping an eye on the children
when they play outside ,bringing home the files from his office and accompanying him with the bundle of files to the office… that. I remember one Mallan he was in charge of the children.His house was
Some three to four kilo metrers away and he used to go home by 6..6.30 pm
 My aunty used to ask him to leave me at my home on his way  home but I was unwilling to go back.Then I promised that I would not  cry.At night
when everybody went to sleep I used to cry ,saying that I wanted to see my mum.
Then the cook Neelanden and the other peon Raghavan Pillai used to carry me in turns, on their shoulders to bring me back to my home. In those days  there were street lights only here and there.The next house belonged to a very famous Dr.and his wife. She was my aunty’s classmate. It was rented out to
a very big exporter.They had very big ferosius dogs .By 8,o clock they were let free and roaming around over the compound wall growling barking and jumping.I was so scared of the dogs and so I  closed my eyes while we pass that area.That time I was six years old and after  some nine years passed by I came to that very same house as  daughter in law of my aunty’s friend and the Dr.

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