Saturday, March 2, 2013

   ''   A Divine elopement ''
While the whole brahmin community of that remote village was awaiting with prayers blessings and expectations for the araival of Viswanathen Venkittaraman,the first and the only doctor among them, the cab rushed in and stopped amidst the gathering. Slowly Viswanathen got out and a girl followed him.The innocent old people of the gang ,opened their mouths and looked each other face to face.Venkittaraman and Bhagavathy Ammal became numb.Slowly with a shivering voice Viswanathan stammered ''This is my classmate....I had to marry her....I know I did a wrong thing....but I had to....please excuse''.A hundred and one question from every corner ''Who is she ?What is her name ?...From where she comes from ? What cast she belongs to? that. At last when they knew she was a christian girl they made a rattling sound of murmuring and left the place.Viswanathan and Celin stayed there for two three days behind the closed doors and left to a distant place in search of a job.After their departure the natives gathered in the community hall and took a decision. If Venkittaraman and Bhagavathyammal expel Viswanathan from the madom and do the poojas and karmas as if he is dead they will be accepted in the community as before. Otherwise they will be expelled from the community.
Whatever crime Viswanathan did, he is their only son....Venkittaraman and Bhagavathyammal could'nt accept their demand. They were expelled from the community and after that no one turned to their side. When Venkittaraman fell ill she locked him up in the madom and went to buy medicine.When he died she locked the dead body inside the madom and went to the postmaster's house and informed Viswanathan. No one turned up.Viswanathan arrived in a taxi and he himself took the body in the cab to the public cremation ground and cremated without any karma or pooja.Then Viswanathan asked her '' if nobody wants you here, why are you lingering here...come with me''
She replied '' If I leave the madom and the soles of our forefathers
here and come with you, your appa won't forgive me ''
After two three years one day Viswanathan came to her and told '' My son who is named after my appa is not well....nobody to look after him
to give medicine and food in time.Instead of lingering here where nobody wants you..can't you come with me and look after him for sometime.''.When she heard that her grandson is not well and needs her nursing...she could'nt hesitate.She went with him.When she arrived there Avarachen Celin's father was there.He was looking haggered. After Celin's mummy's death to escape from the killing lonelyness he locked the small house and came with his daughter. Here he used to carry the baby,take the elder boy to the buss stop, and in the evening again to bring him back,
wash clothes in the washing mecheine ,put it outside to dry,do the shopping.He himself started these small small works to help them and slowly it became his responsibility.
Ammal also started washing vessels,cooking,carrying the baby,sweeping and cleaning.She started her work at the daybreak and it last till ten thirty eleven.
at night.Within two three months she also became tired.She has asthma
and hence throughout the night she will be sitting in her coat ,leaning against the wall and wheezing.Their son and daughter were very buissy
working in the hospital and practicing at home.They were after making money.They want to buy posh villa ,...want seprate consulting rooms...
...separate cars ....educate the children in posh that.In their eagerness of making money they did'nt notice or pay attention to the overstrain and sufferings of the poor old people.
One day Avarachen told Ammal '' Now I feel I must go back to my
own village .There is a small dilapidated house and a few cocanut trees.Somehow I can manage with it. What about you ?.Anybody there in your madom in case you return to your village?.'' Ammal said '' I
don't know anything.We are expelled from the community.Even if the
madom is there, or not it is of no use for me.I cannot return to the village ''.She looked at the distance and sighed. Then Avarachen said
'' See here after you cannot pull on like this...getting up early in the morning
by the daybreak and work like a mechine till midnight. Now the children are old enough...that they can manage with the help of a
servant. Now they can afford to it.Let them look after themselves ''.
She said ''I wish to go as early as possible to the other world where
his appav had.gon. .Before that I wish to go to Rameswaram and do the karma and poojas for his sole.We are expelled from the community
and so could'nt do the karma....''She closed her mouth with the pallavu
of her chela {saree} and wept. Avarachen asked her ''Are you comming with me ?I shall lookafter you like my own sister....I shall take you to
Rameswaram first the karmas and poojas for swami and then go to my village.''.She did'nt reply.Once when Viswanathen and Celin with children and friends had gon to a resort to spend a weekend Avarachen and Ammal locked the house....entrusted the key in the next house and left the house for ever.Ammal tookout the chain...broken here and there and tied tigether with thread and the shapeless bangles and gave it to Avarachen...telling...'' To go to Rameswaram and for the pooja and karma we need money..sell it ,why should I keep these..I don't need it.'' They took an auto and reached the railway station.Avarachen left Ammal at the waiting room and went out to sell the gold.He sold the gold ,bought two food parcels and came back.Then Ammal was laying down....spreading the pallavu of her chela on the floor.While she was laying down in this public place she felt that she has somebody.....somebody to care for give her a support.
Then Avarachen handed over her the food parcel and told her ''The train to Rameswaram is at midnight seams.You take food and sleep...I'am here ,...I shall wake you up...when the train arraives ''.He sat on a chair and started eating his food.While he was
eating...his mind was wandering in his village,....around the dialapidated house and Rahel...his wife .Celin was very good at studies... she wanted to study for medicine and become a doctor ,To teach her for medicine   he had to sell the paddyfield.,Then Rahel reminded him  ' '''She is a girl...who ever she become.....we have to give dowry to get her married.'' Then he felt a heavy patt on his shoulder..When he turned to the side he saw two police constables standing nearby.They asked him '' Are you Dr.CelinViswanathan's Avarachen ?''
 '' Yes ''.They laughed sarcastically and said '' There is one more girl
...a  seventy year old girl with you....Dr.Viswanathan's mother..Where is she ?'' He pointed out her '' There she is sleeping ''.They woke her up and giggled...'' This is the right age and time to elope...anyway..
come..with us...we shall go to the station..''Avarachen with his bag and
Ammal with her bundle of clothes followed them.When they came out of the railway station they saw Viswanathan's car waiting at a distance.
The policemen asked them sarcastically ''Are you getting into the jeep to go to the station or in the car to go home ?'' They said in a single voice '' We are coming to the station.''
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