Wednesday, March 20, 2013

 As soon as the car rushed into the carporch and stopped, two sets of parents got down and ran to the house...asking in grate astonishment ''What happened...?...what is the problem here...? ''Dr.Soumya...she was not at all soft and humble...retorted ''What problem...?.who told you that there is problem here..?.Then Vivek jumped out of his room like a bullet '' I ''I told them that there are a hundred and one problems here and to come and find out a solution if they can..''Sowmya in a very slow ..Sunday mood said '' The only problem here is the 'ego'..'' The four elders opened their mouth and look each other face to face 'eego'?..what is that problem..?
we don't understand...?''Vivek said '' that is the superiority
somebody has that complex..and they expect me to go behind wagging my tail  .for  that she has to find out someone else.''
''superiority complex..?so far we never had experienced such a complex...the master of the house is the superior..''Soumya's mother said
''I'am Thampi's wife ..He comands and I obey..''  Then Vivek's mother said
''Iam a retired govt: officer and vivek's father was working in a privet firm
so what ...I'am his wife ...he is the master of the house and I obey him...''
Then Soumya said '' That is this modern days...every.. body has their own prestige and diginity.''
Vivek ..''She has a feeling that Drs are superior to proffessors.She has injected this to the maid servant also.She never obeys me...or shows any respect ...when ever I come to the dining table she very cunningly moves from there and never serves food for the same time when her madom comes to the table....she stands by side serving food hot.Morning by seven...seventhirty brakefast will be ready on the table...because her madom has to go by eight.It will be there till  ninethirty...cold and dry.
I have to eat the dry ...cold..hard dosa or what ever it be and ice cold tea.
Long time Iam suffering like this.Then  the maid servant ...a ..teenaged girl
came forward...with all make if she is going to appear for a stage show and opened her mouth to say something...then Vivek angrily said
''go...go..go to the we are discusing family matters...we don't need the servant to interfere in any of our family matters..''
Then the servant girl Iswarya with a long face told '' This is the problem
here...I know ..Iam a servant need not remind me  twentyfour hours...that Iam a servant.Madom will never treat me like this.She is the only one who takes me for outings and gives  me a company.So I respect her her ...and obey her''Then  vi vek in grate anger shouted..''See...I connot get along with this  Iswaryam...a maid servant ...spoiling if there is any prosperity left....Me  or ..this Iswaryam....both of us cannot get along
together here..''Then Soumya very firmly said ''I cannot manage the my proffession  at a time without the help of a responsible person.Mine is a very responsible job....dealing with the lives of human beeings...Iswarya is capable of looking after the whole affair.''
Then Vivek ran out in anger ....opened the door of his car...and invited his parents''come...come..get into the car'' He pulled them in and drove on.
Soumya very coolly  said ''Let him go to hell....I need only my child  and Iswarya to look after the baby and the house.'' Soumya's parents were aghast....They don't know  what to do.

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