Tuesday, June 3, 2014

'' Fond memories of my child hood ''[ 6 ]

'' Fond memories of my child hood ''[6]
One evening, as usual I was watching my brothers and their friends, playing in the yard.My sisters usually go to the next house to play ' five stones'[a special play with stones]hide and seek and all.Towards dusk,, my eldest sister came home running; with much horror and as soon as she reached the verandah, she fell down fainted.Within seconds everybody gathered around her and asked '' what happened....,happened?''She did 'not utter a word, or open her eyes.Then my grandma, sprinkled a little water on her face,and then she winked her eyes, and rolled her head to this side and that side.Again grandma sprinkled water on her face....mom patted on her cheeks....shoulders .... and some how  woke her up.Then she started talking Tamil.So far she never knew Tamil....everybody was shocked. After some time when she cooled down grandma took her to her room ,made her sit by her side ...patted on her back softly and asked what happened. Then in a shivering voice with much horror she said that while she was coming   back home a very tall and stout Brahman..wearing red silk shawl and the string across his chest [poonool] standing on the middle of the road, without his feet touching the ground.She got frightened ,after that she did 'not know what happened.
The next day an astrologer came home....sat in front of the lamp...put a hand full of special type  shells on a wooden board.....closed his eyes.. and started shuffling the shells and whispering.Dad and grandma listened to him with sharp ears...and much respect. we children were not allowed to go any were   near.
With in a few days we were shifted to an other house; a good distance away from there.  .

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