Thursday, June 12, 2014

Fond memories of my childhood[ 7 ]

‘’ fond memories of my childhood  ‘’ [ 7 ]
The house was a bit away from the main road.There was a river nearby and we could hear the gurgling sound of the water flowing down.My brother and myself were running around to see the surroundings.There was a very big mango tree spreading wide and keeping the house and the courtyard in its shade.Hence we could play throughout outside. A maid servant used to come
everyday to sweep the yard ,house ,wash clothes and all. With a big bundle of clothes She used to go to the stream  for washing.She was a very pleasant woman ,very loving to us children
And she used to take us with her to the stream when she went to wash clothes.She allowed us to play in the stream and wash us.Once  when we went
far away from her she scolded us and told a story.She said that there are  crocodiles in the depth of the river.A woman with her husband and baby used to come to the river everyday at night to take bath.One crocodile noticed it and one day it stood straight ,leaning against a tree in darkness. When she came out of the river with all wet clothes the crocodile stretched its arms for the baby and the woman thinking that it was her husband, handed over the child.As soon as it got the child it jumped into the river and vanished.We were so scared and held her hand ,and looked around to see weather there was a crocodile leaning against any of the trees.



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