Tuesday, September 23, 2014

''' Fond memories of my child hood '' [ 20 ]

‘’ Fond memories of my child hood ‘’ [ 20 ]
Whenever I went to the backyard to play, my look  went to the  corner of the yard, even

without my knowledge ,where Ammu aunty was buried, and I felt her closeness and her image in my heart of hearts grew clearer and clearer.Though Baby aunty was here I did not feel any closeness ,as she was very  
strict.I was a little scared of her.Years ago when we were in Quilon ,at  our
family house ,I was the pet of Ammu aunty.Every afternoon ,after lunch Ammu aunty and Baby aunty used to go to  their room for a cat nap.  There were two
cots on either sides of the room  and I used to lie down with Ammu aunty.  
There  was an attached bathroom  ,and I noticed these two sisters, going to the bathroom often. Once when I felt like passing urine, I went inside the bathroom
And closed the door as they did.I saw an earthenware water pot [kooja ]
on one corner.When I opened the lid there was water inside.I was under the 
impression, that the pot was kept there, to pass urine in it .I passed urine in that pot, and placed back the lid.  I heard them   complaining to the maid servant for not cleaning the pot properly that there was a foul smell in the water.Once
when I went to the bathroom, Baby aunty out of curiousity peeped through the door and found that I was urinating  in the pot.That was why the water got a foul smell.For the past two or three days both the sisters were drinking water plus urine from the pot.Baby aunty scolded me and Ammu aunty came to my help.She said ‘’after all she is child of four year….she did it because of ignorance and innocence….Now she knows that it is drinking water…here after
She will not do such a thing.’’ Ammu aunty was so nice ….she never scolded me
….always pampered me ….loved me .In my dreams she used to appear with a loving smile.


  1. In my dreams she used to appear with a loving smile.>>>>>> നല്ല സ്മരണകള്‍

  2. Thanks Ajit,Waiting to hear from you.Shakunthala