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'' Fond memories of my childhood '' [ 19 ]

‘’ Fond memories of my childhood ‘’ [ 19 ]
Including the  Dr’s children  we were seven,four boys and three girls ,we played in the backyard of our house; plucked guava  and other fruits and enjoyed ourselves.
Neither war nor the freedom  movement affected us in anyway.
.We enjoyed the food Bajra puttu ;wheat dosa ;tapioca with fish curry;,,,,every day there would be one new food items.Often the schools were closed for a few days and when opened.Processions , meetings and lathi charges were a usual thing.On the other side ,the world war and the news of war victims and the bombing continued.
 .There was an open ground in front of our house, almost everyday there were meetings ;yelling out slogans….and all the meetings ended in a lathi charge.
Might be because of that we were shifted temporarly  to a house in Kalady.
A very small, thatched house….on the banks of Periyar…My eldest sister with her baby went to her husband’s house.A big shed was made in front of the house for the boys , uncles , and cook to sleep.Mummy and we girls used to sleep inside the house.Dad was very busy… everyday a jeep from the station came home to pick  him up and he came very late at night.The place was only 
Four miles away from Perumbavur.Any way I don't remember how long we
stayed there,  one or two months perhaps. One day we walked  across the river because at certain points the depth was only up to our knee .Sri Shankara temple was  just opposite to our house and we went there and worshipped. After a short stay there we came back to Perumbavur.
As time passed on, the news about the war  ;about the freedom movement
Student strike,and factory  workers strike and everything became a usual thing
and the people  got used to it.Only thing is that they  needed a news to talk about ,that was all. During this time one day an ambulance came home…Ammu aunty was brought inside the house in a stretcher…followed by  Baby aunty my youngest aunty ,My mum Baby aunty and all of them were weeping.I felt very sad to see Ammu aunty in that state.She was so thin only skin and born….her words were  very soft ….could not hear at all.We had to bend down to her mouth to hear.
Later on I came to know that she had T.B .In those days T.B was considered
as  fatal …as .no effective medicines and no specialists were there Day by day she went weak.My mum  Baby aunty and Madhavan uncle sat near her in turn through
out the day and night to nurse her.We children were not allowed to enter the room.A doctor used to come home often to give her the possible treatment.
One day she passed away.She was buried in the back yard of our house.One of my maternal cousins and myself did the rites.After Ammu aunty’s death
Baby aunty  never went to our family house at Quilon.She stayed with us for some  time and then with her elder sister Thankamma aunty in Cochin.

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