Saturday, January 17, 2015

'' Fond memories of my child hood '' [ 27 ]

’’Fond memories of my child hood ‘’ [27 ]
One evening we ,my brother,his friends,our maid servant's daughter and me  were playing hide and seek, in the backyard of our house.Boys climbed the trees and one climbed the attic of the cow shed and we girls hid behind  the
heap of hey and inside the quarry, from where the stones were dug for the construction of the house. When we entered the quarry we heard a shrill kiyo
kiyo… voice of  chicks. .We looked every where    to find out
from where the sound comes from  .At last we saw a big hole, like a cave
in the wall of the trench. When we peeped into it we saw in dim light ,very young  egg like chicks with shining eyes, frightened ,clinging together.We took them out carefully.They were eleven in number,.By the time from a distance
the mother hen came running making a sound and looking at our face  demanding  her baby-chicks. We.We took the chicks and hen also inside the house
gave them a basket ,spread  hey inside and made it soft for the chicks  and kept it at the attic of our barn.
Hen got into the basket and sat spreading it’s feather and wings and kept all the chicks inside her wings.Only then mum and others knew that the hen laid eggs in that hole and hatched.


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