Wednesday, March 19, 2014

''A black mole ''
Father Albert is awoken  by a soft knocking at the door Father started gasping and shivering
with fear.His mouth became dry.Like a nightmare, one of his old experiences came to his memory.Years ago while he was sleeping a soft knocking sound awakened him.He tried to guess who was it at these late hours of the night knocking at the door?...two three faces of beautiful ladies came to his mind.Anyway, he opens the door without making any noise
not to wake up anybody.He saw three-four men with iron roads and sticks standing there.
All on a sudden they pulled him down and beat him up like a bundle of rags
they discarded him and ran off.After two-three days when he opened his eyes he was in a bath tub...and somebody was  giving him oil massage Again and again Benjamin knocked at the door ,in a husky voice called .''Father.....Father it is me Benjamin...Benjili..Don't get frightened.Any way he tiptoed to the window and peeped through and saw Benjamin in the dim light of lightning standing in the pouring rain .
Anyway he opened the door.'' come inside son .what brought you here...all wet this time...of  raining cats and dogs .''Benjamin came inside.In a broken voice he said ''Father do you know what happened now?.When I came home after the 2nd shift from the company I saw with my own eyes that Francis
Aloshy's son Francis, running out of my daughter Veronica'.s bed room.Her mother is also on their side all help.
I gave them both nicely.''
'' cool down my son,  be have no right to beat them up ...I will speak to Aloshy.I don't think he will disagree''.
'' No father need not talk to him...It is not possible.....See this..'' He turned to the other side ,lifted up his shirt and showed him a big black scar and said ''Francis also have this scar at the right place.He can not marry my daughter.
 .'' without his knowledge...
father's fingers reached to the black...round mole underneath his left nipple and started fiddling it.He remembered .Some twenty three years back ,when they gave Veronica in his hands for baptism; When he removed the dress he saw the same mole under her left nipple.Soon, before anybody noticing it , he wrapped her up and gave back.
  Father lifted his eyes towards the sky and said
'' Like stars in the sky, and sand in the beach, we must multiply and the whole world must be  filled with our brothers and sisters.''