Monday, March 24, 2014

Treasured Memories ''
After some seventy years I' am back in my home town.Now I cannot say that it is my home ....
because years ago it was sold...Anyway all my child hood memories are in connection with this house and surroundings.The present owner of this house is a generous man, he allowed me to stay here for a day. The house is not changed at all.It is situated on the top of a hill..and from the drawing room we can see the blue mountains of tea gardens and underneath thick green forest
and rubber estates....and further down green paddy fields .At the begineing of the paddy fields
there is a very big stone ,called moorthi para.From a distance you can see it .Even now somebody used to light a lamp on it .Between the hill,where my house is situated ,and the paddy fields, there is a stream running down...On either sides of the stream  there are big.. big trees... so tall if the tops are touching the sky. A thousand and one species of birds are nesting  on it.Early morning they start humming and singing.While we enjoy the singing....the blue mountains on the east is being bordered golden by the golden rays of the rising sun.
After seventy years now I' am here just to see the beautiful scenery and to recollect my childhood
memories.I saw the master bedroom ; where my mom and dad used to sleep ;and the adjusnt room where my brother younger sister and my self  used to sleep.When I entered my dad's room I
felt his presence there....even after seventy years.
On full moon days .we . dad .brother sister and myself put a mat in the courtyard
in front of our house and we used to sit..... lay down and play in the moon light  .when we lay down;  mom used to show us the stars and say ''these five stars together are 'pandavas'...these seven stars are 'saptharshis'.The star that glitters like a  diamond is'karthika'. The full moon in the centre of the blue sky is a  beautiful sight.The whole world around us will be immersed In moonlight .In Neuyork city you cannot even see the sky.Concrete pillars everywhere...To see the sky you have to go to the park or beach.The eagerness that brought me here to see my  home and see the place faded away...and now I feel
heaviness at my heart .I should not have left the place.
Now it is of no use thinking like wife is an European lady  ; my children, born and brought up there.
They don't know anybody here....can't even dream of this heaven.Adding on to that now the house is not also the beautiful surroundings...even me is a foreigner for my home nobody  wants me .
''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''  .

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