Saturday, April 12, 2014

'' Fond memories'
Now I remember, my first visit to this estate.I was hardly five or six years that time.My father was a police officer and in those days, ... seventy five years back ,... he was respected much .More over he was honoured and the ordinary people around, looked him up with fear.
He was tall and stout with a big mustache; either end of it turned upwards.One midsummer vacation he planned, to go to the estate, for a short stay,.In those days, cars were very rare, and the appearance was very funny.,..canvas tops, and foot boards, on either sides.Our cook, Sreedharan and one constable, stood on the foot boards, and traveled.
We started our journey early in the morning .Any way reached there by noon.By the time the constable and an other man carried the bundles, and other luggage inside...our cook went to the kitchen to make tea and something for lunch.He opened the kitchen door, and went to the shed nearby to bring fire wood. There he saw two three tiger cubs sleeping in the ashes ..He rushed back to the kitchen and closed the door with much fear whispering what he had seen, in the shed.Without making any noise we immediately packed the luggage and came away.I was so disappointed ,so was my brother.The nice and cool breeze...the shady courtyard of the house ...the thatched roof...tall ..tall trees around the house or hut and the thick forest behind the hut ;all  was lingering in my mind for sometime and then faded away.But whenever I get a cool breeze while playing outside and whenever I get a glimpse of the bushy trees in the backyard ...they remind me of the thatched hut and the cool surroundings of the estate.

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