Monday, April 28, 2014

Fond memories[4]

''fond memories of my childhood ''[4 ]
One day, dad came home for lunch, a little earlier,and said, that there is a death, in his home town and he had to go for the funeral.Soon a car came home, with a canvas top ,foot boards on either sides and a horn so big with a ball like thing.Dad took my brother ,one of my sisters and me along with him in the car.We started our journey before noon.In those days roads were so narrow ...and full of curves ,no taring.ditches, and sharp stones projecting, everywhere.....When the car took curves, the wild plants on either sides of the narrow road, entered inside and it was very funny for us .that we laughed loud, and enjoyed the trip.While we were enjoying, like that  all on a sudden the car stopped. In those days it was a very usual thing ,that the cars and buses stopping half way because of engine trouble or tyre puncturing. As soon as the car stopped children and the wandering men gathered around like flies.
An old man came there immediately ;got somebody ,cut down tender coconuts  and gave us.There were no workshops nearby to get the car repaired.The driver and the people gathered tried their level best  to start the engine and to move the car.In those days the starter of the cars
was a very funny thing.The instrument was like numerical four.[4].One end of it was inserted in a hole, in front of the car and holding the other end twisted it again and again for hours and hours.It was a tedious job and when the driver got tired an other man from the gathering took over.Then an old man
with spectacles and a shawl on his shoulder covering the body almost, came there.From the very look we knew that he was a landlord.He himself came there to invite us to his house because my dad was a police officer.He took us to his home .gave us tea ,plantain and other eatables and arranged his bull'o cart for the rest of our journey.By  the time we reached there the funeral was over.
We spent some time there ....had kanji...and came away in an other bullo cart.Dad and my sister sat inside ;my brother and myself sat in the back keeping our legs down.It was a moonlit night .....all the surroundings were immersed in moon light.Though there were  no street light the road was clearly seen.By the time we reached home I slept off.



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