Monday, April 14, 2014

   '' Fond memories of my childhood ''[2 ]''
When all my sisters, and brothers, go to school.,...I used to sit and play, alone with my dolls.My eldest sister, who was married to a man, from Singapore brought me a doll, with golden hair,;blinking eyes ,,frock, ,shoe and socks.It was very precious to me, ,because I had never seen, a doll like this, with golden hair, dress, and shoes.When I am alone I used to take it out, and play.It reminded me of a very big doll. One old man, with a long beard, and a cap on his head,wearing a colorless, half shirt, ,with golden buttons,; presented me,, when I was hardly, three years old. One evening, while I was watching, my brothers, and their friends, running and playing, in the courtyard ,,this old man came home,.,....standing out in the yard, he made a sound to attract, someones attention.My dad came out.,...he stooped down, and wished him, and talked to him,  with much respect......,
Seeing him, I went to my dad, watching him, and his movements...while talking, he showed one of his hands, towards the sky, and gave me, an orange.Seeing this, my brother also came, there.Again he lifted his hands towards the sky, and grabbed another orange, and gave my brother.Both of us, looked each other, in great amazement.When nobody was in the yard,...I looked around, to make sure, that nobody was seeing me, ...I went to the point, where that old man stood,, and lifted my hands, towards the sky,;...but no orange came, to my hand.The next day, again he came home, to see dad.This time, he lifted his hands, and caught a doll, ...a big one , big as a new born babe, and gave me.But that doll had no dress, , hair, or blinking eyes, as this doll has


  1. I am visiting here first time... Nice to witness the memories from decades ago...

    Just to point out two spelling mistakes... "Hardly tree years old" and "grate amazement" ...

    Vishu greetings...

  2. Thank you Vinuvetta for the comments and pointing out my mistakes.Always expecting your cooperation.shakunthala