Saturday, April 19, 2014

'' Fond memories '' [3]
One night I was lying down, with my mom, to sleep.Then I heard, a roaring sound, in front of my house.I got up, and went, to the drawing room.I saw one bus in our yard.Our cook Sreedharan , Pottanammachen and the cleaner of the bus ,carrying luggage, to the top of the buss.In those days, the body, of the buses were, open ,not covered, and from outside, we can see people, sitting in rows.Pottanammachen  was, one of dad's classmates, and neighbour, and he was deaf.He was in the military service
.When he was in Mesopotamia, he had an accident, and lost hearing power, and was dismissed, from service.His wife was, a military nurse ,she also dismissed him, from her life.He had a hearing aid, as big as a husked coconut .When ever anybody talked, to him he connected it, to his ear.As he was deaf, he was called Pottanammachan.He always stayed with us, ,helping dad, ,doing things like this,.My brother, also came there.He said,  that tomorrow, we are going, to an other place.,
Next day, when I opened my eyes, we were in a new house , on the slope, of a hill.From the yard, we could see the road, down; and a toll.When a vehicle;  usually bullock carts and sometimes buses, ,and very rarely, an old fashioned car, approached; the pole across the road, went up, and allowed the vehicle, pass through.Again the pole, used to come down.My brother, and myself, were wondering; how this pole knew that a vehicle was coming to pass through.After a few days we found out that a man in charge of the toll was siting there in a stool and that end of the pole is attached to a bundle of heavy stones and it was resting on a small pillar.When the vehicle come to pass through he examined the papers and moved the bundle of stones down.Then the other end of the pole was lifted up.Any way it was an interesting sight for us.We spent most of the time watching the toll.
Our house was an isolated one no neighbours and hence no one to play with.Our elder brothers and sisters go to school.Then dad said that it is high time for my brother to start education and he engaged a tuition master for him.Before starting tuition he had to do 'vidyarambham'
[start writing in presence of the deity Saraswathy,the goddess of learning]
One evening one constable and Sridharan took us to an other hilltop to a swamiji for vidyarambham.When we started our journey to the Swamijji's ashram my dad told them to give me also 'vidyarambham'.
Sridharan carried me on his shoulder and the constable hold my brother's hand.When we reached there we saw a swamiji with long ,grey beard ,wearing 'kavi vasthra 'and three fold rudraksha bead chain.He lit a lamp ,made us sit in front of it ,brought rice in a thali and made us write ''Hari...Sree''.He gave us sugar cubes ,Jaggary, and plantain.Again a trip, back on Sridharan's shoulder,,enjoying the beautiful scenery, of the blue mountains, encircling our small hill, where our house was situated.

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